Title Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
The Last Hurrah O'Connor, Edwin Book FICTION O'CONNO EDWIN
America America - A Novel Canin, Ethan Book FICTION CANIN ETHAN
Washington, D C - A Novel Vidal, Gore Book FICTION VIDAL GORE
They Eat Puppies, Don't They? - A Novel Buckley, Christopher Book FICTION BUCKLEY CHRISTO
Stumbling and Raging - More Politically ... Book
Advise and Consent Drury, Allen Book FICTION DRURY ALLEN
Echo House Just, Ward S. Book FICTION JUST WARD
Scandalmonger - A Novel Safire, William Book FICTION SAFIRE WILLIAM
All the King's Men Warren, Robert Penn Book FICTION WARREN ROBERT
Primary Colors - A Novel of Politics Book FICTION PRIMARY
A God in Ruins - A Novel Uris, Leon Book FICTION URIS LEON
Taft 2012 - A Novel Heller, Jason Book FICTION HELLER JASON
The Plot Against America Roth, Philip Book FICTION ROTH PHILIP
It Can't Happen Here Lewis, Sinclair Book FICTION LEWIS SINCLAI
The Last Debate Lehrer, James Book FICTION LEHRER JAMES
Political Animal - A Novel Mizner, David Book
The Librarian Beinhart, Larry Book FICTION BEINHAR LARRY
Hartsburg, USA - A Novel Mizner, David Book FICTION MIZNER DAVID
O - A Presidential Novel Book FICTION O
Watergate - A Novel Mallon, Thomas Book FICTION MALLON THOMAS

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