Title Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
Ashes Bick, Ilsa J. Book / SF BICK ILSA
Something Strange and Deadly Dennard, Susan Book / SF DENNARD SUSAN
Dearly, Departed Habel, Lia Book / SF HABEL LIA
Bad Taste in Boys Harris, Carrie Book / FICTION HARRIS CARRIE
The Enemy Higson, Charles Book / FICTION HIGSON CHARLIE
Infinity Kenyon, Sherrilyn Book / SF KENYON SHERRIL
Dead Reckoning Lackey, Mercedes Book / SF LACKEY MERCEDE
Rot & Ruin Maberry, Jonathan Book / SF MABERRY JONATHA
The End Games Martin, T. Michael Book / SF MARTIN T.
Undead McKay, Kirsty Book / FICTION MCKAY KIRSTY
Zom-B Shan, Darren Book / FICTION SHAN DARREN
Alice in Zombieland Showalter, Gena Book / SF SHOWALT GENA
This Is Not A Test Summers, Courtney Book / FICTION SUMMERS COURTNE
Undeadly Vail, Michele Book / FICTION VAIL MICHELE

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