Title Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
Aces up Barnholdt, Lauren Book / FICTION BARNHOL LAUREN
Blade Silver - Color Me Scarred Carlson, Melody Book / PB CARLSON
Very LeFreak Cohn, Rachel Book / FICTION COHN RACHEL
Cashing in Colebank, Susan Book / FICTION COLEBAN SUSAN
The Straits Craig, Jeremy Book / FICTION CRAIG JEREMY
No Limit Hautman, Pete Book / FICTION HAUTMAN PETE
Willow Hoban, Julia Book / FICTION HOBAN JULIA
Rage Kessler, Jackie Morse Book / FICTION KESSLER JACKIE
Thicker Than Water Jablonski, Carla Book / PB JABLONS
Liar Larbalestier, Justine Book / FICTION LARBALE JUSTINE
Big Slick Luper, Eric Book / FICTION LUPER ERIC
Cut McCormick, Patricia Book / FICTION MCCORMI PATRICI
The Secret to Lying Mitchell, Todd Book / FICTION MITCHEL TODD
Break Moskowitz, Hannah Book / FICTION MOSKOWI HANNAH
Scars Rainfield, C. A. Book / FICTION RAINFIE CHERYL
Like A Broken Doll Schraff, Anne E. Book / FICTION SCHRAFF ANNE
Addictive Personality Juzwiak, Richard Book / 616.8584 JUZWIAK
Beautiful Me - Finding Personal ... Orr, Tamra Book / 155.533 ORR
Go Ask Ogre - Letters From A De... Siana, Jolene Book / 362.7609 SIANA
Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut - Learning to Under... Penner, Marv Book / 616.8582 PENNER
I've Got This Friend Who - Advice for Teens ... Book / 613.8 I'VE
Marni Bates, Marni Book / 616.8584 BATES

22 items