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Daily Life with Depression

Annotation:Geriatric Mental Health Foundation - Provides practical steps for taking care of yourself. It is part of the depression recovery kit: A Guide to Mental Wellness in Older Age: Recognizing and Overcoming Depression

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Features the causes of treatment-resistant depression and psychotherapy, drug, and alternative treatment options.

Annotation:American Psychological Association - Summarizes the research showing exercise is a powerful, cost-effective treatment for depression.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Provides realistic goals and tips for starting an exercise program.

Annotation:Cleveland Clinic - This site provides practical information and tips for partners and caregivers.

Annotation:WebMD - An article on the effect of depression on marriage and relationships including links for finding help, common treatments, and more.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Tips to learn about symptoms, encourage treatment, create a wellness guide, provide support, understand suicide risks, and take care of yourself.

Annotation:Geriatric Mental Health Foundation - Part of “A Guide to Mental Wellness in Older Age: Recognizing and Overcoming Depression. What you can do for the depressed person, and what to expect.

Annotation:Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) - Includes both online and links to local in person support groups and local chapters of the DBSA


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