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Daily Life with Heart Failure

Annotation:Heart Failure Online - A list of commonly asked questions, including some difficult ones, to discuss with your doctor.

Annotation:UCSF Medical Center - This site provides diet modification tips, especially on how to reduce salt in your diet, how to read food labels and what to do when eating out. Recipes for salt-free seasonings are also included

Annotation:American Heart Association - A list of quick practical tips on lifestyle changes for people with heart failure.

Annotation:American Heart Association - Practical suggestions on how to persist with heart-healthy lifestyle changes.

Annotation:American Heart Association - People with heart failure tell how they have used, art, relaxation, exercise and more to cope and improve their health.

Annotation:Krames® Patient Education and American Heart Association - Interactive workbook designed to help you better understand your condition, how to maximize your recovery and provide the skills you and your caregivers need to better manage your health. You must accept the terms and conditions to activate the workbook link.

Annotation:Washington Home Center for Palliative Care Studies - An excellent and comprehensive resource for the caregivers of people living with advanced heart failure.

Annotation:National Institutes of Health - This is a wonderful article that explains the stages patients experience after a diagnosis of chronic illness, followed by practical strategies for coping with the realities of a new “normal.”


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