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Daily Life and Oral Health

Annotation:JADA, American Dental Association - A brief discussion about manual and power toothbrushes, how to care for them and when to replace your toothbrush.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Concise tips on brushing, flossing and when to see a dentist.

Annotation:Santa Clara County Dental Society - How to deal with common situations such as knocked out teeth, bitten lips, toothache, and hot/cold sensitivity. Also included is a list of low-income dental clinics in the county.

Annotation:American Dental Association - Good tips for proper brushing and flossing are presented in this article.

Annotation:National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health - This site addresses the basics of dental care and related issues such as oral cancer and dry mouth.

Annotation:KnowYourTeeth, Academy of General Dentistry - A healthy diet may protect against dental caries and gum disease. This article offers tips on good meal and snack options.

Annotation:MedlinePlus and A.D.A.M. - Describes the types and possible causes of breath odor.

Annotation:KnowYourTeeth, Academy of General Dentistry - This article covers tips on what the patient can do to minimize anxiety and what dentist do to help with dental anxiety.


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