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Introduction to Stroke (also known as Brain Attack)

Annotation:American Stroke Association - Excellent source of information on causes, symptoms, getting help, and prevention.

Annotation:National Stroke Association - Describes the various forms of stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic and their subsets)

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - How to recognize the signs of a stroke and the first steps to take.

Annotation:Brain Aneurysm Foundation - Provides a concise explanation about brain aneurysms, warning signs and risk factors.

Annotation:Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary - Medical dictionary definition of stroke with synonyms.

Annotation:American Medical Association - A depiction of the brain with areas labeled, and a table of the signs and symptoms that follow damage to the different brain regions.

Annotation:MedlinePlus & A.D.A.M. - A visual description of the physical problems that cause stroke.

Annotation:MedlinePlus - Comprehensive information about strokes.

Annotation:Merck Manual of Health and Aging - A full chapter from this popular health manual including diagnosis, treatment, and long term care strategies.

Annotation:National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health - Authoritative stroke information with links to research results, news and clinical trials.

Annotation:NIH Senior Health - Answers, sometimes with brief videos, to basic questions about stroke.

Annotation:National Stroke Association - Describes the physical effects of a stroke: the specific abilities lost or affected by stroke depend on the extent of the brain damage and where in the brain the stroke occurred.

Annotation:JAMA Patient Page - Concise explanation of hemorrhagic stroke with illustrations.

Annotation:JAMA Patient Page - Another concise description from the Journal of the American Medical Association, this one about TIAs, also known as mini-strokes.


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