Daily Life with Shoulder Concerns

Annotation:FamilyDoctor.org, American Academy of Family Physicians - Four exercises illustrated and described.

Annotation:American College of Sports Medicine - Tips for using fitness equipment when experiencing shoulder problems.

Annotation:American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons - Safety tips for exercising without injury.

Annotation:These exercises are intended to be used under the guide of a doctor or physical therapist after a shoulder injury requiring rehabilitation, but can also be used as a maintenance program for the lifelong protection and health of your shoulders.

Annotation:American Pain Foundation - Tips on planning and packing for travel, useful for anyone with a chronic pain problem.

Annotation:Can be reached at 657 Mission Street, Suite 603 San Francisco, CA 94105-4120 info.nca@arthritis.org Phone: (415)356-1230 Fax: 415-356-1240 Toll-free: 800-464-6240. Organizes exercises programs, support groups and events.


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