Balance Concerns: Books and DVDs

Balance In Search of the Lost Sense By McCredie, Scott (Book - 2007 ) 612 MCCREDI Available in some locations
Wellness by Design Compendium
Wellness by Design Compendium Physical Activity Best Practices for Older Adults (Book - 2009 ) R 613.7044 WELLNES Available in some locations
Exercise A Guide From the National Institute on Aging (Book - 2008 ) 613.7044 EXERCIS 2008 Available in some locations
Falls in Older People
Falls in Older People Prevention & Management By Tideiksaar, Rein (Book - 2010 ) 617.1008 TIDEIKS 2010 Available in some locations
How to Avoid Falling
How to Avoid Falling A Guide for Active Aging and Independence By Fredrikson, Eric (Book - 2004 ) 613.6084 FREDRIK Available in some locations
Sit and Be Fit
Sit and Be Fit Balance & Fall Prevention Workout (DVD - 2004 ) DVD 613.7108 SIT Available in some locations


Find here suggestions for books, and DVDs regarding balance and fall prevention, courtesy of the Santa Clara County Library District and the PlaneTree Health Information Center @ Cupertino. Includes information on exercises to keep you fit.

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