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Skin Health: Daily Life

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Excellent tips on how to prevent the development of skin cancer.

Annotation:American Academy of Dermatology - This site explains how to perform a self-examination of the body and what to look for. In addition, you can download the AAD's body mole map to document your self-examination.

Annotation:National Weather Service and Environmental Protection Agency - Type in your zip code or city and state and find out the UV index forecast for today.

Annotation:American Academy of Dermatology - Vitamin D derived from food and supplements provides the same benefits as vitamin D obtained from UV exposure, without the danger of skin cancer.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - A short discussion of self-care techniques to sooth itchy skin.

Annotation:This organization offers services, support groups and special programs for any type of cancer patient, free of charge at its two locations in Mountain View and Walnut Creek.

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