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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): Daily Life

Annotation:National Emphysema Foundation - Your history, a personal checklist, and self-testing are included in this evaluation.

Annotation:American Lung Association - A brief list of things you can do to help cope with the disease.

Annotation:National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health - COPD has no cure, but there are steps to manage your symptoms and slow progress of the disease.

Annotation:American Lung Association - A management plan is a personal tool that helps you talk with your doctor about your COPD. Each person’s COPD is different, and so is each management plan. This article provides instructions on how to fill the documents.

Annotation:American Lung Association - Printable worksheets to fill out with your health care provider, describing your current treatment plan, and what actions to take if your symptoms get worse.

Annotation:American Lung Association - A form that can be printed and filled prior to a visit to the doctor; it is meant for you to describe how you have been feeling since the previous visit.

Annotation:National Jewish Health - Learn about the different areas of your life where you can make changes and develop healthy habits in order to live a more active life with COPD. Topics include e.g. Breathing Retraining, Nutrition, Exercises and Managing Your Environment.

Annotation:An easy-to-read information guide for patients and their families. It is also available in Arabic, Italian and Romanian. The GOLD website also provides an annually updated review of the scientific evidence supporting various treatments for COPD.

Annotation:National Jewish Health - Help in adjusting to the changes that COPD brings to your life.

Annotation:National Jewish Health - A 6 step tutorial including experiencing loss, accepting help, 'wearing" oxygen, the effects of medications, COPD and your family.

Annotation:National Emphysema Foundation - An article on practical approaches to nutrition in patients with COPD.

Annotation:COPD-International Community Members - Includes tips on planning short day trips and longer trips.

Annotation:American Lung Association - Provides links to publications that help communicate with family and friends, and to Lotsa Helping Hands, an online calendar tool for care coordination that makes it easy for friends and family members to lend assistance. Suggests joining a support group.

Annotation:American Lung Association - These groups give you the opportunity to learn ways to better cope with COPD while getting the support of others who share in your struggles. Contact information and maps are provided. In the Bay Area there are clubs in Mountain View, Redwood City, Fremont, Daly City and more.

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