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Insomnia: Being a Savvy Consumer and More

Annotation:Harvard Family Health Guide - A list of questions to ask your health care provider.

Annotation:Consumers Union of U.S. - A concise summary of the best choices.

Annotation:MedlinePlus - Authoritative consumer information on sleep disorders.

Annotation:National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health - A repository of government supported research and information on sleep disorders from the National Institutes of Health., American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) - Directory of AASM accredited sleep center and laboratory members in the United States.

Annotation:Founded by physicians and scientists, this site provides information and support to patients and health care professionals. Includes information on sleep and sleep disorders; treatments, good sleep health and directories to locate a sleep lab or a sleep doctor. The online forums are not moderated.

Annotation:U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Suggestions regarding the safe use of medicines, including questions to ask your doctor, and tips on how to cut medicine costs. The section of the FDA website devoted to consumers <>has numerous other useful information and resources, including how to report a bad reaction to a medicine, and how to protect yourself from health fraud.

Annotation:SeniorNet and Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher - Doctors and patients can sometimes be on different wavelengths. This article provides practical tips on how to prepare for an effective medical appointment.

Annotation:National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health - Tips for finding reliable health information.

Annotation:MedlinePlus - Excellent guidelines for evaluating web resources for the consumer.

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