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Osteoporosis: Daily Life

Annotation:Arthritis Foundation - Describes programs that target improving one's life while living with arthritis, many of which are also of help to patients with osteoporosis. Provides links to local program locations.

Annotation:American Bone Health - Lists common hazards in the home and presents simple suggestions for changes that can prevent falls and fractures.

Annotation:American Bone Health - Provides information on the need for calcium and Vitamin D, with tips for dealing with lactose intolerance, and preventing skin cancer.

Annotation:International Osteoporosis Foundation - A chart that includes a variety of calcium-rich foods including vegetables, nuts, desserts, breads, grains, and fruit.

Annotation:International Osteoporosis Foundation - The calculator gives you the daily intake recommendations, based on data you input on age and conditions, and calculated your daily intake, based exclusively on your reported consumption of dairy foods.

Annotation:National Osteoporosis Foundation - This chart can be printed and it does not make the calculations automatically online, but it includes more sources of dietary calcium.

Annotation:International Osteoporosis Foundation - Select from a wide variety of calcium rich recipes from around the world. Note that Preparation time does not reflect total cooking time, and that other nutritional values are generally not provided.

Annotation:National Osteoporosis Foundation - Provides illustrated tips on how to protect your bones during every-day movements, from sitting and standing to raking and even sneezing.

Annotation:University of Arizona Cooperative Extension - Contains a list of beginner, moderate, and advanced exercises and activities to maintain strong bones.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Exercise can strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and help you avoid falls. This articles provides tips on which types of exercise are beneficial and which can be risky if you already have osteoporosis.

Annotation:American Bone Health - Describes and illustrates 15 exercises to strengthen and maintain bone mass.

Annotation:International Osteoporosis Foundation - Detailed descriptions of the types of exercises that benefit bone health

Annotation:National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, National Institutes of Health - A discussion of the emotional impact of the functional, physical, and social aspects of osteoporosis.

Annotation:International Osteoporosis Foundation - How fractures resulting from osteoporosis impact a person’s quality of life and can cause suffering and disability.

Annotation:National Osteoporosis Foundation - Includes information on how to start a local support group and a link to the Online Health Community. For privacy reasons, NOF-sponsored local groups are NOT listed on the website. To find the nearest support group, you can complete an Online Request Form <> or call NOF’s Education Department at (202) 223-2226 or toll free at (800) 231-4222.

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