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Parkinson's Disease: Daily Life

Annotation:National Parkinson Foundation - This section of the website touches on all concerns of life with when you have Parkinson’s, including daily life, relationships and work. Explore the different sections here or download the booklet Activities of Daily Living: Practical Pointers for Parkinson Disease.

Annotation:Parkinson’s Disease Foundation - Discussion of the problem; includes related resources.

Annotation:Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. - A registered dietitian provides a guide to good nutrition that complements the treatment of the disease.

Annotation:U.S. Department of Transportation - Safety tips and resource numbers.

Annotation:California Department of Motor Vehicles - This booklet covers all aspects of driving safely with self-checklists and suggestions. It is part of the DNV Senior Driver site

Annotation:Parkinson’s Disease Foundation - Discusses impulse-control disorders in Parkinson’s.

Annotation:Parkinson’s Disease Foundation - Use of dance for physical symptoms, as well as for enjoyment.

Annotation:NIH MedlinePlus Magazine - Provides true life examples, with a summary explanation of the disease.

Annotation:National Parkinson Foundation - Describes the emotional stages a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease engenders, and provides links to more information on coping. - Finding care, government benefits, legal matters, long-distance caregiving, support for caregivers (not specific to Parkinson’s disease).

Annotation:Useful information about medications, pharmacists, over-medication, medication-related problems, and “natural” medications.

Annotation:The National Parkinson Foundation - A list of links to topics of interest to caregivers.

Annotation:American Heart Association - Recognizing when caregivers need to take care of themselves.

Annotation:PPSG Parkinson's Patients Support Groups, Inc - This is a directory of support groups that are listed with PPSG. It includes a calendar of meetings, It is suggested that, since details are always changing, you should call ahead before you attend a group. Includes a printable PPSG Support Groups Brochure.

Annotation:Located at Stanford University Medical Center, 300 Pasteur Drive, Room A-343, Stanford, CA 94305-5235 Phone: (650) 724-6090; Phone (toll free): (866) 250-2414 Fax: (650) 725-7459. Provides referrals to specialists, and information about living with the disease for both persons with Parkinson’s and caregivers, as well as links to support groups.

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