Stress: Treatment and Therapy

Annotation:Cleveland Clinic - Concise description of when to seek treatment.

Annotation:American Psychological Association - Brief article pointing to further documents

Annotation:National Institutes of Health - Academic discussion of stress and its affects.

Annotation:Critical Care Nurse - Description of alternative therapies.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Easy to read overview of meditation. See more documents on achieving stress relief at: Stress management <http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stress-management/MY00435/TAB=indepth>.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Brief description of relaxation techniques

Annotation:HelpGuide.org - Step by step guide to finding relaxation exercises that can work for you.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - The gentle movements of tai chi reduce stress and offer other health benefits.

Annotation:National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), National Institutes of Health - An educational video that features tai chi and qi gong as an activity to enhance wellness. See also the fact sheet Tai Chi: An Introduction.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - Yoga can be an effective method to reduce stress and anxiety, this article provides information to get started.

Healthcare Guide

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