Stress: Daily Life

Annotation:FamilyDoctor.org - Short overview.

Annotation:Cleveland Clinic - Causes, signs, and how to relieve stress

Annotation:Helpguide.org - An overview of stress suggesting many helpful strategies for relief.

Annotation:American Psychological Association - Brief article

Annotation:The Cleveland Clinic - Short article listing coping strategies.

Annotation:AARP - Brief article listing steps to lessen stress.

Annotation:Journal of the American Medical Association - Brief, easy to understand summary of the effects of stress on the heart. Also available in Spanish. A companion article deals with Acute Emotional Stress and the Heart <http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/298/3/360.full.pdf>.

Annotation:Mayo Clinic - How to build and maintain relationships that enhance your health.

Annotation:AARP and Pamela Redmond Satran - Friends can help relieve stress, but friendships need to be cultivated.

Annotation:FamilyDoctor.org - Brief overview.

Annotation:AARP - Caregivers need help too, here are the top tips gathered from members of the AARP online caregiving support community.

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