Operas Ripped from the Headlines

Nixon in China
Nixon in China (DVD - 2012 ) BLURAY 792.542 NIXON Available in some locations

Annotation:by John Adams. Inspired by Richard Nixon's visit to China in 1972.

Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking By Heggie, Jake (Music CD - 2012 ) OPERA HEGGIE CD Available in some locations

Annotation:about Sister Helen Prejean, a Catholic nun and advocate for abolition of the death penalty.

Anna Nicole
Anna Nicole (DVD - 2011 ) DVD 792.542 ANNA Available in some locations

Annotation:by Mark-Anthony Turnage, based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith.

Powder Her Face
Powder Her Face (Book - 2005 )

Annotation:by Thomas Ades, based on the real life of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, whose scandalous divorce in the 1960s earned her the nickname "The Dirty Duchess"

The Death of Klinghoffer
The Death of Klinghoffer (DVD - 2003 ) DVD 792.542 DEATH Available in some locations

Annotation:by John Adams, based on the hijacking of the passenger liner Achille Lauro by the PLO, and the resulting murder of Jewish-American passenger Leon Klinghoffer.

Doctor Atomic
Doctor Atomic (DVD - 2011 ) DVD 792.542 DOCTOR Available in some locations

Annotation:by John Adams, focuses on the anxiety experienced by those at Los Alamos, while the test of the first atomic bomb was being prepared.

Jackie O
Jackie O Opera in Two Acts (DVD - 2009 ) DVD 792.542 JACKIE Available in some locations

Annotation:by Michael Daugherty. Chamber opera inspired by music and popular culture of the 1960s and episodes in the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Satyagraha (DVD - 2001 ) DVD 792.542 SATYAGR All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:by Philip Glass. The second in the Portrait Trilogy. The title refers to Gandhi's concept of non-violent resistance. The text, from the Baghavad Gita, is sung in the original Sanskrit.

Einstein on the Beach
Einstein on the Beach By Glass, Philip (Music CD - 1993 ) OPR GLASS CD Available in some locations

Annotation:The first in the thematically-related Portrait Trilogy, portraits of men whose personal vision transformed the thinking of their times through the power of ideas, rather than military force.

The Infernal Comedy
The Infernal Comedy A Drama for One Actor, Two Singers and Orchestra (DVD - 2010 ) DVD 792.9 INFERNA Available in some locations

Annotation:Written by Michael Sturminger, music by Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Boccherini, and Weber, and featuring actor John Malkovich. This is about Austrian serial murderer Jack Unterweger, who became famous for his autobiography and plays, written in prison.

Ballad of Baby Doe
Ballad of Baby Doe By Moore, Douglas (Book - 1997 )

Annotation:Based on rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado silver magnate Horace Tabor and Elizabeth (Baby) Doe.

Emmeline By Picker, Tobias (Music CD - 1998 ) OPR PICKER CD Available in some locations

Annotation:Based on a true story of a 14 year-old girl in New England, sent to work in the mills in the 19th century, where she was seduced and sent home pregnant.

Angel of the Amazon
Angel of the Amazon A New American Opera By Mack, Evan (Music CD - 2012 ) OPERA MACK CD Available in some locations

Annotation:About Dorothy Stang, the American-born nun, murdered in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. She had worked on behalf of the poor and the environment, and had received death threats from loggers and landowners.

Annotation:by Stewart Wallace, about the assassination of gay rights icon Harvey Milk.

Annotation:by Christpher Theofanidis, about Rick Rescorla, hero of the terrorist attack on 9/11, inspired by the book by James B. Stewart

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