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Before California
Before California An Archaeologist Looks at Our Earliest Inhabitants By Fagan, Brian M. (Book - 2003 ) 979.401 FAGAN Available in some locations

Annotation:What did California look like before Hollywood? In a fascinating journey across the Golden State, America's best-known archaeology writer tells of the first groups of people who, over 13,000 years ago, drifted into what is now California.

The Voyage of the 'Frolic'
The Voyage of the 'Frolic' New England Merchants and the Opium Trade By Layton, Thomas N. (Book - 1997 ) 979.415 LAYTON Available in some locations

Annotation:Thomas Layton, a professor of archaeology at San Jose State University, was on an archeology dig north of San Francisco with a group of his students. Discoveries they unearthed there led them to learn that in 1850 the clipper Frolic, a sailing ship built specifically for the Asian opium trade, had wrecked on the Mendocino Coast, a few miles from a Pomo village.

The Bone Lady
The Bone Lady Life as A Forensic Anthropologist By Manhein, Mary H. (Book - 2000 ) 363.25 MANHEIN Available in some locations

Annotation:As director of the Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Laboratory at Louisiana State University, Manhein unravels mysteries of life and death every day. In "The Bone Lady", she shares many fascinating cases that include the science underlying her analyses as well as the human stories behind the remains.

The Cave Paintings of Baja California
The Cave Paintings of Baja California Discovering the Great Murals of An Unknown People By Crosby, Harry (Book - 1997 ) 972.2004 CROSBY Available in some locations

Annotation:The Great Murals of Mexico's Baja California are one of the five greatest sites in the world for primitive rock art. Author/photographer Harry W. Crosby documents the search he undertook to study the largely unknown works hidden in the mountains of central Baja.

Skeletons in Our Closet
Skeletons in Our Closet Revealing Our Past Through Bioarchaeology By Larsen, Clark Spencer (Book - 2000 )

Annotation:The dead tell no tales. Or do they? In this fascinating book, Clark Spencer Larsen shows that the dead can speak to us--about their lives, and ours--through the remarkable insights of bioarchaeology, which reconstructs the lives and lifestyles of past peoples based on the study of skeletal remains.

Treasure Lost at Sea
Treasure Lost at Sea Diving to the World's Great Shipwrecks By Marx, Robert F. (Book - 2004 )

Annotation:Marine archaeologist Robert Marx has explored many underwater archeological sites and shipwrecks dating from the beginning of recorded history to the present day. This color photo essay presents major finds from ancient galleys, sunken cities, and the Titanic, and describes excavation methods and survivors' tales.

California Prehistory
California Prehistory Colonization, Culture, and Complexity (Book - 2007 ) 979.401 CALIFOR All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:Scholars examine California's prehistory and archaeology in a multidisciplinary study of California's distant past.

Jamestown, the Buried Truth
Jamestown, the Buried Truth By Kelso, William M. (Book - 2006 ) 973.21 KELSO Available in some locations

Annotation:The reader is takento the soil where the Jamestown colony began, unearthing the James Fort and its contents to reveal fascinating evidence of the lives and deaths of the first settlers, of their endeavors and struggles, and of their relationships with the Virginia Indians. He offers up a lively but fact-based account, framed around a narrative of the archaeological team's exciting discoveries.

Shadow Divers
Shadow Divers The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II By Kurson, Robert (Book - 2004 ) 940.5451 KURSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Recounts the discovery of a sunken German U-boat by two scuba divers, tracing how they devoted the following years to researching the identities of the submarine and its crew, correcting historical texts and breaking new ground in the world of diving.

Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History
Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History By Hunt, Patrick (Book - 2007 ) 930.1 HUNT Available in some locations

Annotation:A renowned archaeologist offers a close-up look at the ten most important ancient archaeological discoveries and what they have revealed about human history, examining the Rosetta Stone, Troy, King Tut's Tomb, Machu Picchu, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pompeii, Thera, Ninevah's Assyrian Library, Olduvai Gorge, and the Tomb of 10,000 Warriors.

The Terra Cotta Army
The Terra Cotta Army China's First Emperor and the Birth of A Nation By Man, John (Book - 2008 ) 931 MAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Thousands of life-sized terra cotta soldiers were created in China in the third century BC. They were then interred in the mausoleum of the first emperor of China upon his death. This is the fascinating story of the discovery of China’s greatest archaeological treasure, and how and why these astonishing figures were created.

Titanic's Last Secrets
Titanic's Last Secrets The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler By Matsen, Bradford (Book - 2008 ) 910.9163 MATSEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Legendary divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler investigate the great enduring mystery of history's most notorious shipwreck, assembling a team of experts to reveal why the Titanic sunk as quickly as it did.

Beneath the Sands of Egypt
Beneath the Sands of Egypt Adventures of An Unconventional Archaeologist By Ryan, Donald P (Book - 2010 ) 932 RYAN Available in some locations

Annotation:An archaeologist recounts his adventures discovering the tomb of Egypt's famous female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, in the Valley of the Kings and discusses his experiences becoming an archaeologist and dealing with eccentric colleagues.

A History of the World in 100 Objects
A History of the World in 100 Objects By MacGregor, Neil (Book - 2011 ) 930.1 MACGREG Available in some locations

Annotation:The renowned director of the British Museum traces the stories of one hundred human innovations to explain their pivotal role in shaping civilization, from weapons and the domestication of cows to currency and music.

The Past From Above
The Past From Above Aerial Photographs of Archaeological Sites By Gerster, Georg (Book - 2005 ) 930.1028 GERSTER Available in some locations

Annotation:Stunning aerial photographs of 250 of the world's foremost archaeological sites are presented, ranging from the temple complex at Karnak to the Great Wall of China, and from the Acropolis in Athens to Aztec palaces in Mexico.

Digging for the Truth
Digging for the Truth One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring the World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries By Bernstein, Josh (Book - 2006 ) 910.4 BERNSTE Available in some locations

Annotation:The host of the History Channel's Digging for the Truth presents a behind-the-scenes tour of some of his most interesting and physically challenging adventures, during which he explored the secrets of the Sphinx, traced the Lost Ark of the Covenant to remote sites in Ethiopia, and witnessed a Druid ceremony at Stonehenge.

Finders Keepers
Finders Keepers A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession By Childs, Craig (Book - 2010 ) 930.1 CHILDS Available in some locations

Annotation:A renowned naturalist and adventurer explores the controversial nature of archeological excavation, aiming to discern weather it is heroic, or whether relics are best left among the ruins, in a book that ranges from lonesome desert canyons to fancy Fifth Avenue art galleries.

Unearthing Gotham
Unearthing Gotham The Archaeology of New York City By Cantwell, Anne-Marie E. (Book - 2001 ) 974.7101 CANTWEL Available in some locations

Annotation:Describing the exciting discoveries of long lost worlds found beneath the modern metropolis, the authors present a narrative of the many peoples who shared and shaped the land that is now New York City, including 19th-century families, Dutch and English colonists, enslaved Africans, and the Native Americans who arrived eleven thousand years ago.

Archaeology of Desperation
Archaeology of Desperation Exploring the Donner Party's Alder Creek Camp (Book - 2011 ) 979.401 ARCHAEO Available in some locations

Annotation:Centered on archaeological investigations Truckee, California, this narrative includes detailed analyses of artifacts and bones that suggest what life was like in this survival camp, illuminating the ordeal of the Donner families.

Down by the Station
Down by the Station Los Angeles Chinatown, 1880-1933 By Greenwood, Roberta S. (Book - 1996 ) CWA R979.494 GREENWO 1996 Available in some locations

Annotation:Excavation of the Chinatown that was destroyed in the building of Union Station provides a rich picture of the people and life in nineteenth and early twentieth century Los Angeles.

Earthly Paradises
Earthly Paradises Ancient Gardens in History and Archaeology By Carroll, Maureen (Book - 2003 ) 712.09 CARROLL Available in some locations

Annotation:In this beautifully illustrated book, the author examines the most recent evidence for the existence, functions, and designs of gardens from the second millennium B.C. to the middle of the first millennium A.D. in the cultures of the ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and the provinces of the Roman Empire.

Discovery! Unearthing the New Treasures of Archaeology (Book - 2007 ) 930.102 DISCOVE Available in some locations

Annotation:A volume of firsthand accounts by famous archaeologists, pioneering underwater explorers, and leading excavators and scientists documents significant findings from the past fifteen years, evaluating the ways in which they have shaped present-day understandings about human origins and history.

The Corvette in the Barn
The Corvette in the Barn More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology By Cotter, Tom (Book - 2010 ) 629.222 COTTER Available in some locations

Annotation:Corvette in the Barn is a collection of true, often amazing, stories and essays about car collectors and enthusiasts who have discovered unusual and desirable cars, forgotten in all manner of locations from barns, to old-school junkyards, to farmer's fields.

Before the Pyramids
Before the Pyramids Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery By Knight, Christopher (Book - 2011 ) 936.101 KNIGHT Available in some locations

Annotation:Were the pyramids of the pharaohs conceived in Britain? The authors of Before the Pyramids think so, and they take readers on a gripping excursion into ancient religion and astronomy. They not only establish the existence of an advanced civilization with astonishing, almost modern knowledge, but they also explain how the oldest Neolithic monuments--the henges of North Yorkshire--were planned, and their amazing connection to the later pyramids of Giza.

Lost Histories
Lost Histories Exploring the World's Most Famous Mysteries By Levy, Joel (Book - 2006 ) 909 LEVY Available in some locations

Annotation:Explores the facts and myths behind history's missing cities, treasures, people, and wrecks, investigating such famous mysteries as Atlantis, the lost treasure of Captain Kidd, and the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People
The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People By Brothwell, Don R. (Book - 1987 )

Annotation:This fascinating and absorbing prehistoric detective story describes the discovery of a two-thousand-year-old body in a Cheshire peat field, discusses the scientific analysis of the body, and explains how mummies reveal information about the past.

Virtual Archaeology
Virtual Archaeology Re-creating Ancient Worlds (Book - 1997 ) 930.1028 VIRTUAL Available in some locations

Annotation:Examines archaeological sites in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Near East, and the Americas, discussing each site's history, aspects of its past civilization, and details of its structures and realia.

The Archaeology of the Donner Party
The Archaeology of the Donner Party By Hardesty, Donald L. (Book - 1997 ) CWA R979.438 HARDEST 1997 Available in some locations

Annotation:The Archaeology of the Donner Party offers a new interpretation of the history of the Donner Party, based on the careful analysis of recently discovered artifacts, supplementing the documentary record the scientific interpretation of physical remains.

Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts
Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist By Yeager, C. G. (Book - 2000 ) 930.1 YEAGER 2000 Available in some locations

Annotation:This practical, down-to-earth guide for surface collectors of arrowheads and stone artifacts is designed especially for amateur archaeologists and people interested in learning how to study and collect artifacts safely and responsibly.

Eyewitness to Discovery
Eyewitness to Discovery First-person Accounts of More Than Fifty of the World's Greatest Archaeological Discoveries (Book - 1996 ) 930.1 EYEWITN Available in some locations

Annotation:Armchair archaeologists can relive the moments of unearthing Lucy, the Beijing Man, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Royal Cemetery at Ur, Otzi the Ice Man, the ship at Sutten Hoo, the African Cemetery in Manhattan, Tutankhamun's wife, the underwater Uluburun ship, Homer's Troy, the palace of Knossos, Macchu Picchu, and more.

The Illustrated Practical Encyclopedia of Archaeology
The Illustrated Practical Encyclopedia of Archaeology The Key Sites, Who Discovered Them, and How to Become An Archaeologist By Catling, Christopher (Book - 2009 ) 930.103 CATLING Available in some locations

Annotation:A professional field guide and practical companion to archaeology features how-to photographic sequences of field surveys and step-by-step excavations, profiles of archaeological pioneers, and information on handling and recording finds and dating artifacts.


Nonfiction books about archeology in California and around the world.

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