Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog A Novel By Ziegler, Jennifer (Book - 2006 ) / PB ZIEGLER All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:After Katie adopts a sweet but badly behaved dog named Seamus, she learns that she needs to be the alpha dog to control her new pet. Katie begins to apply the alpha dog concept to the rest of her life, and is surprised at how her world changes.

Down the Mysterly River
Down the Mysterly River By Willingham, Bill (Book - 2011 ) / SF WILLING BILL Available in some locations

Annotation:Top notch Boy Scout Max can’t remember how he came to be in a strange forest, but soon he and three talking animals are on the run from the Blue Cutters, hunters who will alter the foursome's very essence if they can catch them.

Where Things Come Back
Where Things Come Back A Novel By Whaley, John Corey (Book - 2011 ) / FICTION WHALEY JOHN Available in some locations

Annotation:17-year-old Cullen's summer in Lily, Arkansas, is marked by his cousin's death by overdose, an alleged spotting of a woodpecker thought to be extinct, failed romances, and his younger brother's sudden disappearance.

Fetching By Stewart, Kiera (Book - 2011 ) / FICTION STEWART KIERA Available in some locations

Annotation:Deeply humiliated by the leader of the popular crowd on the second day of eighth grade, Olivia, who has lived with her grandmother since her mother left the family, plots her revenge using dog training techniques.

The Outside of A Horse
The Outside of A Horse A Novel By Rorby, Ginny (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION RORBY GINNY Available in some locations

Annotation:When her father returns from the Iraq War as an amputee with post-traumatic stress disorder, Hannah escapes by volunteering to work with rescued horses, never thinking that the abused horses could also help her father recover.

Cat Girl's Day Off
Cat Girl's Day Off By Pauley, Kimberly (Book - 2012 ) / SF PAULEY KIMBERL Available in some locations

Annotation:Natalie has always kept secret her talent for talking with cats, but when she learns-- from a cat-- that a celebrity has been replace by an imposter, she and her friends investigate, becoming movie extras to get the scoop.

Half Brother
Half Brother By Oppel, Kenneth (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION OPPEL KENNETH Available in some locations

Annotation:In 1973, when a renowned Canadian behavioral psychologist pursues his latest research project-- an experiment to determine whether chimpanzees can acquire advanced language skills-- he brings home a baby chimp named Zan and asks his 13-year-old son to treat Zan like a little brother.

Boys, Bears, and A Serious Pair of Hiking Boots
Boys, Bears, and A Serious Pair of Hiking Boots By McDonald, Abby (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION MCDONAL ABBY Available in some locations

Annotation:17-year-old Jenna, an ardent vegetarian and environmentalist, is thrilled to be spending the summer communing with nature in rural Canada, until she discovers that not all of the residents there share her beliefs.

Last Chance
Last Chance By McClintock, Norah (Book - 2012 ) / FICTION MCCLINT NORAH Available in some locations

Annotation:After getting arrested for protesting animal testing, Robyn is sentenced to volunteering at an animal shelter. There she meets Nick , a boy from her past, with a history of getting in trouble. Sure that he’s not guilty, Robyn sets out to prove Nick’s innocence.

Daughter of the Centaurs
Daughter of the Centaurs By Klimo, Kate (Book - 2012 ) / SF KLIMO KATE Available in some locations

Annotation:Alone after her village is destroyed, Melora and her father's horse, Sky, survive on their own with a herd of wild horses until she finds a new home with a civilization of centaurs.

The Dust of 100 Dogs
The Dust of 100 Dogs By King, A. S. (Book - 2009 ) / PB KING Available in some locations

Annotation:Cursed to live the lives of 100 dogs, a 17th-century pirate finally returns to life as a human being and has only one thing on her mind--to recover the treasure she had buried in Jamaica three hundred years before.

Stray A Novel By Goldblatt, Stacey (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION GOLDBLA STACEY Available in some locations


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