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Best Teen Audiobooks to Give as Presents

The Raven Boys
The Raven Boys By Stiefvater, Maggie Audiobook CD - 2012 / TALK STIEFVA CD Available in some locations

Annotation:"Gr 8 Up –From the dramatic introductory music to the complexity of plot and characterizations, Stiefvater’s story of Blue, Gansey, and the Aglionby boys is masterfully performed by Patton. Listeners will be drawn into the world of Blue, her psychic family, and the mysterious group of boys who search for the ley line, a link to the long-dead Welsh king, Glendower. Patton’s fully voiced narration heightens an already fabulous tale and his unrushed pacing perfectly complements the setting and story." - School Library Journal

Code Name Verity
Code Name Verity By Wein, Elizabeth Audiobook CD - 2012 / TALK WEIN CD All copies in use Availability details Holds: 1 on 2 copies

Annotation:"Gr 9 Up –Wein’s award-winning novel is a brilliant story of two young women during World War II who are brought together to support the British RAF. The story unfolds gracefully through written confessions of one of the women who is captured by Nazis after their plane goes down in France. After the accident, the friends are separated and listeners initially don’t know if they both survived. The tale is a combination of historical fiction, thriller, war drama, and spy story—and, through it all, a touching story of friendship wonderfully brought to life by the superb narrators, who are spot-on with Scottish, British, French, German, and English accents." - School Library Journal

Eleanor & Park
Eleanor & Park A Novel By Rowell, Rainbow Audiobook CD - 2013 / TALK ROWELL CD Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 3 copies

Annotation:"Gr 9 Up –Eleanor, 15, is bullied at school because she’s overweight and dresses flamboyantly. Park is a half-Korean boy who has lived in Omaha, Nebraska, all his life but still feels like an outsider. This story of first love slowly builds from the first day Eleanor sits next to him on the school bus. Eleanor finds refuge from her miserable home life at Park’s house after school—until their relationship is tested. Parental abuse, bullying, family resilience, and love combine for a realistic look at adolescents under duress. The narrative points of view alternate between the protagonists, adding dimension to Rowell’s story. Lowman and Malhtra do an excellent job of voicing the teens." - School Library Journal

Personal Effects
Personal Effects By Kokie, E. M. Audiobook CD - 2012 / TALK KOKIE CD Available in some locations

Annotation:"Gr 9 Up –Matt, 17, has had a rough time coping since his brother TJ’s death in Iraq left him alone with his abusive father. The teenager looks through his brother’s belongings and discovers an unmailed letter to Celia. Needing to deliver TJ’s final letter, Matt heads for Madison, Wisconsin, to find the woman, only to discover that there is even more to his brother’s secret than he’d thought. Podehl expertly narrates Kokie’s powerfully written, heart-wrenching debut novel, capturing Matt’s emotional struggle and fluidly evoking the wide gamut of emotions that he experiences." - School Library Journal

Monstrous Beauty
Monstrous Beauty By Fama, Elizabeth Audiobook CD - 2012 / TALK FAMA CD All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:"Gr 9 Up –Mermaid lore and New England history are combined in a riveting tale that is both sensual and unsettling. Parallel stories follow 17-year-old Hester in 2002 and the ageless mermaid Syrenka in 1872. Kellgren provides first-rate narration, including the lovely Irish lilt of Pastor McKee and the gravelly sneers of the sea hag. History buffs, fantasy lovers, and mystery fans will all find something to please them in this engrossing 2013 Odyssey Award Honor Book." - School Library Journal

Maggot Moon
Maggot Moon By Gardner, Sally Audiobook CD - 2013 / TALK GARDNER CD Available in some locations

Annotation:"Gr 8 Up –In Gardener’s dystopian novel, Standish and his grandfather live in the lowest-ranked district of a totalitarian society. The Motherland is obsessed with an upcoming Moon landing which will establish their superiority over other countries—but it is all hype. Hector, the son of a mysterious family that moves next door, becomes Standish’s protector when he’s bullied at school. The boys build a spaceship in the attic and wonder what lays on the forbidden other side of the big wall behind their houses. When they find out, their lives are irrevocably changed. Madge, a 16-year-old English actor, turns in a mesmerizing performance of the first-person narration of this violent, dark, yet strangely hopeful story." - School Library Journal

Fox Forever
Fox Forever By Pearson, Mary Audiobook CD - 2013 / TALK PEARSON CD Available in some locations

Annotation:"Gr 9 Up –In the thrilling conclusion to Pearson’s “Jenna Fox Chronicles,” Locke escapes the malicious Dr. Gatsbro with the aid of the Network. He heads for Boston to repay the Favor owed for their assistance, so that he can return to Jenna and be with the girl he’s loved for almost 300 years. Drawn deep into the struggle between the corrupt government and the Network, Locke finds himself defining who he wants to be in the hundreds of years he may have left to live. Brown’s even tones and deliberate pacing brilliantly keep listeners on the edge of their seats and capture Locke as he moves through Pearson’s explorations of morality, societal relationships, government control, and what defines humanity." - School Library Journal

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