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Best Foot Forward
Best Foot Forward By Bauer, Joan (Book - 2005 ) / PB BAUER JOAN Available in some locations

Annotation:183 p. (grades 9-12) When sixteen year old Jenna Boller is promoted to manager at her part time job at Gladstone Shoes, she learns first-hand about boundaries, truth telling, and friendship.

The Truth About Forever
The Truth About Forever By Dessen, Sarah (Book - 2004 ) / FICTION DESSEN SARAH Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 13 copies

Annotation:382 p. (grades 9-12) After Macy's father dies, she finds solace in her new job at a catering business, despite the efforts of her grieving mother.

Invisible By Hautman, Pete (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION HAUTMAN PETER Available in some locations

Annotation:149 p. (grades 9-12) Because of what he witnessed at the Tuttle place three years ago, Doug Hanson, the class freak, becomes best friends with popular, charming, sports star Andy Morrow.

Saving Francesca
Saving Francesca By Marchetta, Melina (Book - 2004 ) / PB MARCHET Available in some locations

Annotation:243 p. (grades 9 and up) Francesca attends a newly coed school without her friends, while her mother's health takes a turn for the worse.

Bottled up
Bottled up By Murray, Jaye (Book - 2004 ) / PB MURRAY Available in some locations

Annotation:217 p. (grades 9-12) Because of his unhappy home life, sixteen-year-old Pip drinks, gets high, and skips classes, until he's given an ultimatum by the principal: show up for classes and see a counselor, or he's expelled.

Just Like That
Just Like That By Qualey, Marsha (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION QUALEY MARSHA Available in some locations

Annotation:233 p. (grades 10 and up) 18 year old Hannah's life changes forever after her encounter with two teens shortly before their tragic death.

American Son
American Son A Novel By Roley, Brian Ascalon (Book - 2001 ) / PB ROLEY Available in some locations

Annotation:217 p. (grades 10-12) Gabe is a half Filipino and half American teen living with his immigrant mother and tempted into the L.A. gang scene by his brother Tomas. His escape from Tomas brings on unexpected consequences for himself and his family.

So Hard to Say
So Hard to Say By Sanchez, Alex (Book - 2004 ) / PB SANCHEZ Available in some locations

Annotation:230 p. (grades 6-9) Frederick, an eighth grade transfer student, becomes fast friends with Xio who's hoping he'll be her first boyfriend. But Frederick has to face that he might be gay.

Fault Line
Fault Line By Tashjian, Janet (Book - 2003 )

Annotation:204 p. (grades 9 and up) Teen standup comedians Becky and Kip's love degenerates into an abusive relationship forcing them to make some hard choices.

If We Kiss
If We Kiss By Vail, Rachel (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION VAIL RACHEL Available in some locations

Annotation:259 p. (grades 9-12) Charlie has fallen in love with her best friend's boyfriend, and when her mom starts dating his dad, the situation gets even more complicated.

Sandpiper By Wittlinger, Ellen (Book - 2005 ) / PB WITTLIN Available in some locations

Annotation:227 p. (grades 9-12) Sandpiper has a bad reputation for going too far with too many boyfriends. When a former boyfriend starts to harass her, only a mysterious boy named Walker will help her, but he is hiding his own secrets.

Elsewhere By Zevin, Gabrielle (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION ZEVIN GABRIEL Available in some locations

Annotation:275 p. (grades 7-10) After her tragic death, Liz must adapt to her new afterlife, while still feeling her time on earth was cut short and longing for her previous life.

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