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Teens Read Contemporary Science Fiction

The Diary of Pelly D
The Diary of Pelly D By Adlington, L. J. Book - 2005 / SF ADLINGT L. Available in some locations

Annotation:282 p. (Gr 8-12) During construction work on a colony on another planet Toni V finds a diary of a teenage girl.and begins to question everything he's always believed.

The Algebraist
The Algebraist By Banks, Iain Book - 2005 SF BANKS IAIN Available in some locations

Annotation:434 p. (Gr 9-12) In 4043 AD, humanity is waiting for a wormhole connection to the rest of galactic civilization. Fassan Taak has more pressing concerns with a war approaching and problems with an obscure military-religious order, forcing him to search for a secret hidden for half a billion years.

Spacer and Rat
Spacer and Rat By Bechard, Margaret Book - 2005 / SF BECHARD MARGARE Available in some locations

Annotation:183 p. (Gr 7-10) Jack is preparing his move to another space station and has better things to do than help a Rat who should be deported back to earth. But when she's cornered, he gets caught up in smuggling, spying, and betrayal.

Dr. Franklin's Island
Dr. Franklin's Island By Halam, Ann Book - 2002 / SF HALAM ANN Available in some locations

Annotation:272 p. (Gr. 9-12) Semi and Miranda are stranded on an island after surviving a plane crash. Trying to survive on a deserted island is tough, but things get even worse when they're captured by Dr. Franklin. He's experimenting with animal genetics, and he's just found two perfect test subjects.

Airborn By Oppel, Kenneth Book - 2004 J/ FICTION OPPEL KENNETH Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 17 copies

Annotation:355 p. (Gr 8-10) Fifteen-year-old Matt Cruse, cabin boy onboard the airship Aurora, meets wealthy Kate de Vries and together they investigate sightings of strange flying creatures.

Uglies By Westerfeld, Scott Book - 2005 / SF WESTERF SCOTT Available in some locations Holds: 4 on 21 copies

Annotation:425p. (Gr 9-12) Everyone is ugly until their 16th birthday when an operation transforms them into a pretty. Tally has second thoughts about her operation, what would happen if she refused the operation and ran away?

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