Teens Read Death, Dying and Grief

Defining Dulcie
Defining Dulcie By Acampora, Paul (Book - 2006 ) / PB ACAMPOR Available in some locations

Annotation:168 p. (Gr. 7-12) Written in simple yet witty prose, the relationship between Dulcie and her mother deteriorates after her father’s passing when they move to California. When Dulcie returns home however, she meets a girl named Roxanne who shows her the beauty in the connection she has with her mother.

Thirteen Reasons Why
Thirteen Reasons Why By Asher, Jay (Book - 2008 ) / FICTION ASHER JAY Available in some locations Holds: 6 on 28 copies

Annotation:288 p. (Gr. 9-12) Clay really liked Hannah, but he didn't get a chance to tell her so before she committed suicide. What he didn't know was that she left behind a series of tapes giving insight into why she did it. What part did Clay have? Could he have helped her?

Feels Like Home
Feels Like Home By Charlton-Trujillo, e. E. (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION CHARLTO E. Available in some locations

Annotation:213p. (Gr 8-12) Tragedy drove Michelle’s older brother from their Texas home, but he returns after their dad dies to face the town’s hatred. Can they uncover past memories and rebuild their relationship or is it too late?

Deadline By Crutcher, Chris (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION CRUTCHE CHRIS Available in some locations

Annotation:320p. (Gr 9-12) When Ben finds out he has leukemia, he decides to keep it a secret and live the rest of his life to the fullest. How do you spend your last year on earth?

Before I Die
Before I Die By Downham, Jenny (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION DOWNHAM JENNY Available in some locations

Annotation:326p. (Gr 9-12) Tessa is going to die of cancer and nothing can change that. She wants to live the time she has left to the fullest and do what so many other teenagers do: go to parties, hang out with friends and maybe fall in love. Is it possible for a dying girl to fall in love with so little time left?

Frannie in Pieces
Frannie in Pieces By Ephron, Delia (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION EPHRON DELIA Available in some locations

Annotation:374p. (Gr 9-12) Frannie’s world collapses when her father dies one week before her 15th birthday. As she pieces together a hand-painted and carved wooden puzzle her father made, she is hurled into a mysterious foreign land and catches a glimpse of her father ‘B.F.’ (Before Frannie).

Choices By Jacobs, Deborah Lynn (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION JACOBS DEBORAH Available in some locations

Annotation:189p. (Gr 9-12) Kathleen blames herself for her brother's untimely demise. Believing he is alive in some other place and time, Kathleen moves among alternate universes ...shifting, looking, hoping. Will Kathleen completely lose herself when the alternate universes begin to dissolve into one another?

Saving Zoe
Saving Zoe By Noël, Alyson (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION NOEL ALYSON Available in some locations

Annotation:230p. (Gr 9-12) A year after Zoe’s murder, Echo is still coming to grips with life without her sister. When confronted with Zoe’s diary, Echo believes that there isn’t anything contained on the pages that she doesn’t already know about her sister. She is wrong.

Life as We Knew It
Life as We Knew It By Pfeffer, Susan Beth (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION PFEFFER SUSAN Available in some locations

Annotation:360p. (Gr. 9-12) Miranda’s family has to survive when the moon’s orbit brings it close to the earth, causing natural disasters. As they struggle for food and heat, Miranda records everything in her diary.

Cures for Heartbreak
Cures for Heartbreak By Rabb, M. E. (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION RABB MARGO Available in some locations

Annotation:238p. (Gr 9-12) When Mia’s mother dies unexpectedly she learns that life goes on and it’s OK to find love with other people.

Chanda's Wars
Chanda's Wars By Stratton, Allan (Book - 2008 ) / FICTION STRATTO ALLAN Available in some locations

Annotation:384p. (Gr 9-12) 15-year old Chanda is already dealing with the loss of her beloved mother and overwhelming new responsibilities when ruthless General Mandiki’s rebels threaten the safety of her young siblings, and she must risk everything to keep them safe. The first book in this series is Chanda's Secrets.

Me, the Missing, and the Dead
Me, the Missing, and the Dead By Valentine, Jenny (Book - 2008 ) / FICTION VALENTI JENNY Available in some locations

Annotation:201 p. (Gr. 9-12) 15-year-old Lucas Swain’s obsession with his father who disappeared 5 years ago causes rifts between him and his mother. Now with helpful signals from his newly formed friendship with a dead woman named Violet, he finds out the truth about her mysterious death and his dad’s ultimate betrayal.

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