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The Nature of Jade
The Nature of Jade By Caletti, Deb (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION CALETTI DEB Available in some locations

Annotation:288 p. (Gr 9-12) Jade has a panic disorder, and one of her favorite things to do is watch the elephants at the local zoo, it calms her. One day, she notices a young man, about 20yrs old with a small baby and instantly forms a connection, so much so that she decides to volunteer at the zoo in hopes of running into him.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist By Cohn, Rachel (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION COHN RACHEL Available in some locations

Annotation:183 p. (Gr 9-12) Nick can’t believe his heartbreaking ex-girlfriend showed up at his punk band’s concert and now she’s heading his way with her new man. There’s only one thing to do, ask the girl standing next to him to be his girlfriend for the next five minutes. This is just the beginning of one long &#%ing night that might actually mean something.

After Summer
After Summer By Earls, Nick (Book - 2005 ) / PB EARLS Available in some locations

Annotation:226 p. (Gr 9-12) While Alex is going through the uncertainty of waiting to be accepted to a university, he meets a mysterious girl at the beach who will only tell him that her name begins with “F”. He becomes fascinated trying to spend more time with her during this summer of change.

Keturah and Lord Death
Keturah and Lord Death By Leavitt, Martine (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION LEAVITT MARTINE Available in some locations

Annotation:216 p. (Gr 7-12) 16-year-old Keturah who weaves tales like Scheherazade, makes a deal with Lord Death in desperation. Now, she must find her true love in one day or else she and her entire village will be lost.

Ophelia A Novel By Klein, Lisa M. (Book - 2006 ) / PB KLEIN Available in some locations

Annotation:328 p. (Gr 9-12) In this retelling of a Shakespeare classic a new destiny unfolds for Ophelia and her ill fated love for Prince Hamlet.

Eva Underground
Eva Underground By Mackall, Dandi Daley (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION MACKALL DANDI Available in some locations

Annotation:239 p. (Gr 9-12) Set in 1978, Eva lives in Chicago with her dad. Her mother has recently passed away and her father decides to move to Communist Poland to help with the underground movement. Eva uproots her life, leaves her friends and her boyfriend to move to Poland. Fighting her terror, she joins the fight for freedom. A cute Polish guy helps make it worthwile.

Vegan Virgin Valentine
Vegan Virgin Valentine By Mackler, Carolyn (Book - 2004 ) / PB MACKLER Available in some locations

Annotation:228 p. (Gr 9-12) Mara Valentine: Straight A student, vegan, overachiever. The arrival of her cousin V and her crush on her boss at the coffee shop make Mara start to question if she can keep it all together and not crack under pressure.

The Year of Secret Assignments
The Year of Secret Assignments By Moriarty, Jaclyn (Book - 2004 ) / FICTION MORIART JACLYN Available in some locations

Annotation:340 p. (Gr 8-12) Best friends, Emily, Lydia and Cassie from Australian high school Ashbury High write to three boys from a rival school as part of a pen pal program. The letter writing begins with crushes and friendships but ends leading to revenge plots and a war between the two schools.

Street Love
Street Love By Myers, Walter Dean (Book - 2006 ) / PB MYERS Available in some locations

Annotation:134 p. (Gr 9-12) Feel the rhythm of Harlem, as two young lovers try to define the meaning of love. Their joy, longing, despair and hope are told most touchingly in lyrical verse.

Anatomy of A Boyfriend
Anatomy of A Boyfriend By Snadowsky, Daria (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION SNADOWS DARIA Available in some locations

Annotation:259 p. (Gr 9-12) All Dominique wants to do is graduate from high school and get into a good college. Then she meets Wes, the track-star. Love and sex makes her world flip upside down, but can it survive long-distance?

A True and Faithful Narrative
A True and Faithful Narrative By Sturtevant, Katherine (Book - 2006 ) J/ FICTION STURTEV KATHERI Available in some locations

Annotation:250 p. (Gr 8-11) It’s 1681 in London, England and sixteen-year-old Meg Moore learns the power of words to gain ransom for her best friend’s older brother enslaved by pirates.

Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love
Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love By Wood, Maryrose (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION WOOD MARYROS Available in some locations

Annotation:243 p. (Gr 9-12) Hypothesis: Investigating different loves will lead to the discovery of the “X-factor” that causes people to fall in love. Setting: The Manhattan Free Children’s School Participants: Felicia, her crazy friends, Matthew, the freshman boys Final results: ???

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