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Crackback By Coy, John (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION COY JOHN Available in some locations

Annotation:201p. (Gr 8-11) High School Sophomore football star Miles is under a lot of pressure to do anything to be the best from his friends, his coach and most of all, his dad. Adding to the pressure is a new romance in his life and a long buried family secret that comes to light.

The Outside Groove
The Outside Groove A Novel By Esckilsen, Erik E. (Book - 2006 ) / FICTION ESCKILS ERIK Available in some locations

Annotation:258p. (Gr 8-12) Casey is tired of being ignored while her older brother finds small town fame as a race car driver but she doesn’t anticipate what happens when she tries to race.

Vanishing Act
Vanishing Act By Feinstein, John (Book - 2006 ) J/ FICTION FEINSTE JOHN Available in some locations

Annotation:279 p. (Gr. 6-9) Nadia Symanova is kidnapped right before her first match at the U.S. Open. This is only the beginning of a twist-filled, tennis world mystery. Check out another book with the same mystery solving duo called Cover-up.

Samurai Shortstop
Samurai Shortstop By Gratz, Alan (Book - 2006 ) / PB GRATZ Available in some locations

Annotation:280 p.(Gr 8-11) It’s Toyo Shimada’s first year at an elite high school in Tokyo, 1890, and he faces hazing and bullying as he attempts to win a place on the baseball team.

All You've Got
All You've Got By Hoeffner, Karol Ann (Book - 2006 ) / PB HOEFFNE Available in some locations

Annotation:261p. (Gr 9-12) Lauren is captain of the volleyball team, but when their private school is destroyed, she finds unexpected friendship and victory on a new court.

Throwing Like A Girl
Throwing Like A Girl By Mackey, Weezie Kerr (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION MACKEY WEEZIE Available in some locations

Annotation:271p. (Gr 9-12) Ella moved from Chicago to Dallas. It’s hard to be 15 and living in a new place, so she discovers softball as a way to make a new life. She loves her coach and loves learning the game. Then she meets Nate, the popular senior boy. How can she juggle everything?

Pinned By Martino, Alfred C. (Book - 2005 )

Annotation:306p. (Gr. 9-12) High school seniors Ivan and Bobby come from completely different backgrounds, yet their conviction in wrestling makes them the best on their teams. Their harsh training and struggle will be nothing compared to their final match at the New Jersey State Wrestling Championship.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen A Novel By Murdock, Catherine Gilbert (Book - 2006 ) / PB MURDOCK Available in some locations

Annotation:275p. (Gr 9-12) D.J comes from a family of football players, and she loves the sport. In between working on her parent’s farm and going to school, she starts playing and wonders if she can make it on the boy’s team. And, what about Brian, the rival quarterback…why does he have to be so cute?

Edenville Owls
Edenville Owls By Parker, Robert B. (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION PARKER ROBERT Available in some locations

Annotation:194p. (Gr 7-12) Bobby is growing up in tumultuous times, and his world is changing. Can he ignore the mystery right under his nose? Can he take the lead of his JV Basketball team?

Under the Baseball Moon
Under the Baseball Moon By Ritter, John H. (Book - 2006 ) / PB RITTER Available in some locations

Annotation:283p. (Gr 7-10) In Ocean Beach, California trumpet playing Andy Ramos and softball pitcher Glory Martinez learn together that rhythm is the key to great sports and great music.

7 Days at the Hot Corner
7 Days at the Hot Corner By Trueman, Terry (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION TRUEMAN TERRY Available in some locations

Annotation:150p. (Gr. 7-12) Scott’s entire ball-playing career is put on hold when truth about his best friend’s secret causes him to doubt everything he ever believed in. And now, he has to reexamine himself to find out what really matters in life.

Black and White
Black and White By Volponi, Paul (Book - 2005 ) / PB VOLPONI Available in some locations

Annotation:185p. (Gr 9-12) Marcus, who is black, and his best friend Eddie, who is white, are both respected as the best basketball players in the high school. When they are caught committing a crime together they are treated very differently by the justice system.

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