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Teens Read Twilight Read-a-Likes Pt. 2

Ink Exchange
Ink Exchange By Marr, Melissa Book - 2008 / SF MARR MELISSA Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Leslie wants a tattoo as a way as reclaiming control of her body, but the eerie image she selects pulls her into the dangerous Dark Court of the Faeries, where she draws on inner strength to make a horrible choice.

Wicked Lovely
Wicked Lovely By Marr, Melissa Book - 2007 / FICTION MARR MELISSA Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Aislinn, who has the rare ability to see faeries, is drawn against her will into a centuries-old battle between the Summer King and the Winter Queen, and the survival of her life, her love, and summer all hang in the balance.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy By Mead, Richelle Book - 2007 / FICTION MEAD RICHELL Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 17 copies

Annotation:Two years after a horrible accident made them run away, vampire princess Lissa and her guardian-in-training Rose are found and returned to St. Vladimir's Academy, where one focuses on mastering magic, the other on physical training, while both try to avoid the perils of gossip, cliques, gruesome pranks and sinister plots.

Evermore By Noël, Alyson Book - 2009 / FICTION NOEL ALYSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Since the car accident that claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras and hear people's thoughts, and she goes out of her way to hide from other people until she meets Damen, another psychic teenager who is hiding even more mysteries.

The Dark-angel
The Dark-angel By Pierce, Meredith Ann Book - 1982 / PB PIERCE All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:The servent girl Aeriel must choose between destroying her vampire master for all his evil deeds or saving him for the sake his beauty and the spark of greatness she has seen in him.

Wings By Pike, Aprilynne Book - 2009 / SF PIKE APRILYN Available in some locations

Annotation:When a plant blooms out of fifteen-year-old Laurel's back, it leads her to discover the fact that she is a faerie and that she has a crucial role to play in keeping the world safe from the encroaching enemy trolls.

Fangs4freaks By Robar, Serena Book - 2006

Annotation:As Protector of the half-blood vampires, Colby is called into action when her sisters in the newly established Psi Phi sorority house start experiencing ugly, unexpected attacks, either from a member of the Vampire Tribunal, or from a spy.

Vampire Kisses
Vampire Kisses The Beginning By Schreiber, Ellen Book - 2009 / FICTION SCHREIB ELLEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Sixteen-year-old Raven, an outcast who always wears black and hopes to become a vampire someday, falls in love with the mysterious new boy in town, eager to find out if he can make her dreams come true.

Immortal By Shields, Gillian Book - 2009 / FICTION SHIELDS GILLIAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Falling in love with the mysterious Sebastian, Evie Johnson, a scholarship student at the Wyldcliffe Abby School, is haunted by a sister-like figure that seems to be sending her a warning.

Intertwined By Showalter, Gena Book - 2009 / FICTION SHOWALT GENA Available in some locations

Annotation:Hosting the souls of four supernatural beings in his mind, Aden Stone struggles for a normal life before befriending three fellow teens, including a girl who helps him to quiet his powers, a werewolf shape-shifter, and a vampire princess.

Tantalize By Smith, Cynthia Leitich Book - 2007 / FICTION SMITH CYNTHIA Available in some locations

Annotation:When multiple murders in Austin, Texas threaten the grand re-opening of her family's vampire-themed resturaunt, seventeen-year-old, orphaned Quincie worries that her best friend turned loveinterest, Kieren, a werewolf in training, may be the prime suspect.

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries The Awakening and the Struggle By Smith, L. J. Book - 2007 / FICTION SMITH L. Available in some locations

Annotation:Collected here in one volume for the first time are the first two books in The Vampire Diaries, the tale of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them.

Betwixt By Smith, Tara Bray Book - 2007 / SF SMITH TARA Available in some locations

Annotation:Three alienated teenagers are drawn to a strange outdoor concert in the woods outside of Seattle, where they discover that they possess magical powers and that their destinies are intertwined.

Lily Dale
Lily Dale Awakening By Staub, Wendy Corsi Book - 2007 / FICTION STAUB WENDY Available in some locations

Annotation:When seventeen-year-old Calla's mother suddenly dies, she goes to stay with her psychic grandmother in Lily Dale, a spiritualist community in western New York, where she discovers some disconcerting secrets about her practical, down-to-earth mother, and realizes that she herself may also have some psychic abilities.

Shiver By Stiefvater, Maggie Book - 2009 FICTION STIEFVA MAGGIE Available in some locations

Annotation:In all the years she has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house, Grace has been particularly drawn to an unusual yellow-eyed wolf who, in his turn, has been watching her with increasing intensity.

The Hollow
The Hollow By Verday, Jessica Audiobook CD - 2010 / TALK VERDAG CD Available in some locations

Annotation:High-school junior Abbey struggles with the loss of her best friend Kristen, who vanished on a legendary bridge, but her grief is eased by Caspian, an attractive and mysterious stranger she meets in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery.

Generation Dead
Generation Dead By Waters, Daniel Book - 2008 / FICTION WATERS DANIEL Available in some locations

Annotation:When dead teenagers who have come back to life start showing up at her high school, Phoebe, a goth girl, becomes interested in the phenomenon, and when she starts dating a "living impaired" boy, they encounter prejudice, fear, and hatred.

Uglies By Westerfeld, Scott Book - 2005 / SF WESTERF SCOTT Available in some locations Holds: 3 on 21 copies

Annotation:Tally was born ugly, like everyone else. When she turns 16, it's finally her time to get the operation that will make her pretty, also like everyone else. What happens if she doesn't want the surgery, is she ready for a life on the run?

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