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Teen Issues - Strange Addictions

Aces up
Aces up By Barnholdt, Lauren (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION BARNHOL LAUREN Available in some locations

Annotation:When Shannon, a 16-year-old honors student, lies about her age to get a job at a Connecticut casino so she can earn money for her college tuition, she becomes involved in a secret poker society and fall deeper into a web of deceit. (272 p. Gr 8-12)

Blade Silver
Blade Silver Color Me Scarred By Carlson, Melody (Book - 2005 ) / PB CARLSON Available in some locations

Annotation:Ruth copes with an abusive home life by cutting herself until her high school counselor helps her get the treatment she needs to start a new life. (197 p. Gr 8-12)

Very LeFreak
Very LeFreak By Cohn, Rachel (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION COHN RACHEL Available in some locations

Annotation:Consumed with emailing, online video games, and electronic gadgets, hyper-frenetic Columbia University freshman Veronica, known as Very Lefreak, enters a rehab facility for the technology-addicted after her professors and classmates stage an intervention. (305 p. Gr 10+)

Cashing in
Cashing in By Colebank, Susan (Book - 2009 ) / FICTION COLEBAN SUSAN Available in some locations

Annotation:In the three years since her father's death, Regina has loaned her mother thousands of dollars to cover her compulsive spending and gambling while coping with her own stress by overeating. But when her mother wins the lottery, Reg hopes their troubles are over. (314 p. Gr 8-12)

The Straits
The Straits By Craig, Jeremy (Book - 2009 ) / FICTION CRAIG JEREMY Available in some locations

Annotation:After his mother and sister are killed in a hurricane, Jim tries to find solace and financial stability through gambling. (226 p. Gr 6-12)

No Limit
No Limit By Hautman, Pete (Book - 2005 ) / FICTION HAUTMAN PETE Available in some locations

Annotation:Denn finds himself alienating both friends and family when he becomes obsessed with playing high-stakes poker with adult gamblers. (207 p. Gr 9-12)

Willow By Hoban, Julia (Book - 2009 ) / FICTION HOBAN JULIA Available in some locations

Annotation:Willow, who was driving the car that killed both of her parents, copes with the pain and guilt by cutting herself until she meets a boy who is determined to help her stop. (329 p. Gr 8-12)

Rage By Kessler, Jackie Morse (Book - 2011 ) / FICTION KESSLER JACKIE Available in some locations

Annotation:Missy copes with being an outcast at school and stress at home by cutting herself with a razor blade until Death chooses her as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, and offers her a new blade. (213 p. Gr 9-12)

Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water By Jablonski, Carla (Book - 2006 ) / PB JABLONS Available in some locations

Annotation:Coping with her mother's cancer by cutting herself makes Kia feel out of place everywhere until she is drawn into the goth-vampire club scene. There she finds acceptance and one gorgeous, popular guy who might offer escape. (246 p. Gr 10+)

Liar By Larbalestier, Justine (Book - 2009 ) / FICTION LARBALE JUSTINE Available in some locations

Annotation:Compulsive liar Micah promises to tell the truth after revealing that her boyfriend has been murdered. (376 p. Gr 9-12)

Big Slick
Big Slick By Luper, Eric (Book - 2007 ) / FICTION LUPER ERIC Available in some locations

Annotation:Unable to resist the lure of poker but reluctant to admit his addiction, Andrew risks friendship and his parents' trust as he begins to take money from his father's business to finance his secret gambling activities. (234 p. Gr 10+)

Cut By McCormick, Patricia (Book - 2000 ) / FICTION MCCORMI PATRICI Available in some locations

Annotation:While confined to a mental hospital, Callie slowly comes to understand some of the reasons behind her self-mutilation and gradually starts to get better. (168 p. Gr 7-12)

The Secret to Lying
The Secret to Lying By Mitchell, Todd (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION MITCHEL TODD Available in some locations

Annotation:James lies about himself to be considered "cool" when he gets into an exclusive boarding school but soon unnaturally vivid dreams of being a demon-hunting warrior lead to self-destructive acts while he is awake. (328 p. Gr 9-12)

Break By Moskowitz, Hannah (Book - 2009 ) / FICTION MOSKOWI HANNAH Available in some locations

Annotation:To relieve the pressures of caring for a brother with life-threatening food allergies, another who is a fussy baby, and parents who are at odds with one another, Jonah sets out to break every bone in his body in hopes of becoming stronger. (262 p. Gr 9-12)

Scars By Rainfield, C. A. (Book - 2010 ) / FICTION RAINFIE CHERYL Available in some locations

Annotation:Kendra, a budding artist, has not felt safe since she began to recall devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse and she copes with the pressure by cutting herself. (248 p. Gr 8-11)

Like A Broken Doll
Like A Broken Doll By Schraff, Anne E. (Book - 2011 ) / FICTION SCHRAFF ANNE Available in some locations

Annotation:Accusations fly about Sereeta as a string of thefts hit her high school. And why is she wearing long sleeves in the heat? What is she covering up? (182 p. Gr 7-10)

Addictive Personality
Addictive Personality By Juzwiak, Richard (Book - 2009 ) / 616.8584 JUZWIAK Available in some locations


Beautiful Me
Beautiful Me Finding Personal Strength & Self Acceptance By Orr, Tamra (Book - 2009 ) / 155.533 ORR Available in some locations


Go Ask Ogre
Go Ask Ogre Letters From A Deathrock Cutter By Siana, Jolene (Book - 2005 ) / 362.7609 SIANA Available in some locations


Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut
Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-injure By Penner, Marv (Book - 2008 ) / 616.8582 PENNER Available in some locations


I've Got This Friend Who
I've Got This Friend Who Advice for Teens and Their Friends on Alcohol, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Risky Behaviors, and More (Book - 2007 ) / 613.8 I'VE Available in some locations


Marni By Bates, Marni (Book - 2009 ) / 616.8584 BATES Available in some locations



Books about cutting, gambling and other addictive behaviors.

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