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Teen Issues--Drugs & Alcohol

Popular Boys, Booze, & Jesus : A Memoir By Baldwin, Tindell Book - 2013 / 277.3083 BALDWIN Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction. Tindell Baldwin grew up in a family with strong ties to the Christian church but problems lead to her living a wild life of promiscuity and addiction. (256 p. Gr 9-12)

The Hit
The Hit By Burgess, Melvin Book - 2014 / SF BURGESS MELVIN Available in some locations

Annotation:In the near future, Death is a drug. It gives the most amazing high for seven days followed by death. 17 year old Adam sees his hopes crushed and takes a pill. (304 p. Gr. 9-12)

15 Days Without A Head
15 Days Without A Head By Cousins, Dave Book - 2013 / FICTION COUSINS DAVE Available in some locations

Annotation:With his dad passed away and his mom drinking, Laurence Roach is going to make life better by winning a luxury vacation from a radio show. His plans are complicated when his mom stops coming home and he must take care of the family himself. (312 p. Gr 7-8)

Triangle Choke
Triangle Choke By Jones, Patrick Book - 2013 / FICTION JONES PATRICK Available in some locations

Annotation:Hector is trying to win his first MMA fight but cannot depend on his father, a former Golden Gloves champion boxer who now spends all his time drinking. Part of the series, The Dojo. (136 p. Gr 8-10)

Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky Book - 2012 / FICTION LUCY Available in some locations

Annotation:An anonymous diary details a year in the life of a teen who goes from a seemingly happy life to experimenting with marijuana, then ecstasy, LSD, cocaine and more drugs. (288 p. Gr 9-12)

Addiction By Hollander, Barbara Book - 2012 / 616.86 HOLLAND Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction. This book shows why addiction happens and forms of treatment for it.

Prison Baby
Prison Baby A Memoir By Jiang-Stein, Deborah Book - 2014 362.8295 JIANGST All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Nonfiction. At 12 years old Deborah Jiang-Stein feels like an outsider because of her ethnicity and then she finds the letter showing her birth mother had her in prison while addicted to heroin. Deborah begins to turn to crime, drugs and violence to deal with the emotional fallout. (172 p. Gr 10-12)

Nightmare City
Nightmare City By Klavan, Andrew Book - 2013 / FICTION KLAVAN ANDREW Available in some locations

Annotation:17 year old Tom Jordan writes a story for his school paper that connects his school's winning football team with steroids. The town is enraged and then Tom wakes up, his house is empty and the world is filled with a mysterious fog. What is happening? (320 p. Gr 8-10)

Kasher in the Rye
Kasher in the Rye The True Tale of A White Boy From Oakland Who Became A Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16 By Kasher, Moshe Book - 2012 792.7602 KASHER Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction. Moshe Kasher started using drugs when he was 12 and then his mother stole him away from his father and went to live in Oakland, California, where life became really interesting. (320 p. Gr 10-12)

Smashed By Luedeke, Lisa Book - 2012 / FICTION LUEDEKE LISA Available in some locations

Annotation:High school senior Katie Martin wants desperately to escape the problems of her small town life. She starts drinking to feel better and then one night, after drinking, she drives her car and crashes. (336 p. Gr 9-12)

Dear Nobody
Dear Nobody The True Diary of Mary Rose By Mary Rose Book - 2013 / 305.2352 MARY Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction. In this actual published diary of a real teen, Mary Rose talks frankly about abuse, bullying and her own addiction to alcohol and drugs. (330 p. Gr 9-12)

Sketchy By Samms, Olivia Book - 2013 / FICTION SAMMS OLIVIA Available in some locations

Annotation:Bea Washington is a recovering drug addict who is starting a new life just out of rehab. She is also a psychic with the ability draw what other people are thinking. Her ability pulls her into a violent crime case which threatens her stability. (236 p. Gr 9-12)

Far From You
Far From You By Sharpe, Tess Book - 2014 / FICTION SHARPE TESS Available in some locations

Annotation:When a drug deal goes bad and her best friend Mina is killed, 17 year old Sophie Winters must prove her own innocence, deal with her addiction and track down the killer (341 p. Gr 10-12)

Learning Not to Drown
Learning Not to Drown A Novel By Shinoda, Anna Book - 2014 / FICTION SHINODA ANNA Available in some locations

Annotation:17 year old Clare barely remembers her turbulent childhood and has become a successful student and lifeguard. Her 29 year old drug addicted brother Luke is released from jail and arrives back at home shattering her peaceful existence. (352 p. Gr 9-12)

Baygirl By Smith, Heather Book - 2013 / FICTION SMITH HEATHER Available in some locations

Annotation:Kit Ryan is uprooted from her small fishing village and taken away from everything she knows. Her family's turmoil is increased by her alcoholic father. (288 p. Gr 8-10)

Unchained By Tillit, L. B. Book - 2012 / FICTION TILLIT L. Available in some locations

Annotation:Because his parents are drug addicts, TJ must take care of himself and deal with pressures from a local gang. He goes to a loving foster home and starts a new life that is threatened when his mother tries to take him back. (197 p. Gr 7-10)

Beneath A Meth Moon
Beneath A Meth Moon An Elegy By Woodson, Jacqueline Book - 2012 / FICTION WOODSON JACQUEL Available in some locations

Annotation:After Hurricane Katrina destroys her family, Laurel Daneau moves on to a new life. Her new boyfriend introduces her to meth which erases her painful memories but leads to her complete addiction. (240 p. Gr 9-12)

Alcohol Book - 2013 / 362.292 ALCOHOL Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction This book covers teen issues and rights regarding alcohol.

Hooked When Addiction Hits Home Book - 2013 / 362.2913 HOOKED Available in some locations

Annotation:Nonfiction. This book covers teens with addicted parents.

The Absolute Value of -1
The Absolute Value of -1 By Brezenoff, Steven Book - 2010 / FICTION BREZENO STEVEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Four teenagers relate their experiences as they cope with problems in school and home by smoking, drinking, using drugs, and running track. (290 p. Gr. 9-12)

Joseph's Grace
Joseph's Grace By Moses, Shelia P. Book - 2011 / FICTION MOSES SHELIA Available in some locations

Annotation:Now a high school junior, Joseph Flood contends with grief over his late cousin Jasmine, his mother's addictions and pleas for money, the distance between himself and his father in Iraq, making the tennis team, and a new relationship. (153 p. Gr 8-12)

Recovery Road
Recovery Road By Nelson, Blake Book - 2011 / FICTION NELSON BLAKE Available in some locations

Annotation:While she is in a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse, seventeen-year-old Maddie meets Stewart, who is also in treatment, and they begin a relationship that they try to maintain after they both get out. (310 p. Gr 9-12)


A list of fiction and nonfiction books about teens dealing with drug and alcohol related issues.

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