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The plot is that the population gets dumber through an evolutionary process, but I submit the fact is that people can and do get dumber through cultural processes. If the news and entertainment you see pushes dumb ideas which you come to believe, you’ve gotten dumber. If your friends believe the same ideas, it gives you permission to be dumb, and reinforces your belief system until dynamite couldn’t blow it out of your head. If on top of that, the schools stop teaching the skills of critical thought, and teach to standardized tests, or purely vocational education, the students haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to recognize a dumb idea. But you don’t need me to tell you that, you can see it happening all around you every day. It won’t take any 400 years for everyone to turn into idiots. For another fictional take on this plot, see C.M. Kornbluth’s story, “The Marching Morons.”

Dec 22, 2020

Very insightful look at where we as a society could wind up... Mike Judge has definitely hit the nail on the head with this satirical look at where we seem to be going as a society.

Dec 20, 2020

Idiocy is more like it. Age suitability: 13 years and younger.

Aug 09, 2020

This movie may appear cheezy, but it is so true. My dad suggested I watch it, and I suggest that everyone watch it.

Jul 16, 2020

Who, in 2006, knew "Idiocracy" was so prophetic? When we saw it back then, we gave it about 3.5 stars. Having just watched it again in 2020, we now rate it at least a 4.5, maybe a 5. Well worth watching, if only to see how far we've fallen.

Mar 05, 2020

Wrote and shot in 2006, it predicted the future back then for what happened in 2016 and the advent of..... a new era of societal low standards...
Although not perfect, it is absolutely worth watching...

Feb 17, 2019

Even though I love Luke Wilson, I could not bear the lameness of this juvenile flick.

Apr 27, 2018

Directed by Mike Judge in 2006, this stupid comedy delves into the dumbtopia.
If you think you're stupid enough, this flick is for you.
If you'd like to waste your time, this is just for you.
If you'd like to see a stupid world, you for sure must see this film.
If you wanna laugh your head off to death, this is a must-see.
In any road I laughed my head off to become the dumbest person in the whole world.

LiztheLibrarian Feb 14, 2018

This movie is very funny, but given the current state of the world, also very scary.

Jan 28, 2018

Just ok.

Sep 29, 2017

Mike Judge has a gift for delivering brutal satire in the trappings of low comedy.
Though director Judge was given very little money to make this film and was deterred from getting a proper release from 20th Century Fox, there's plenty to be excited about in this comedic look at pure chaos. Looking at the degeneration of the American populace in the next one thousand years, Judge writes with a flourish, an excess of profanities, and a thoughtful look to the future.
There are so many complexities to the levels of understanding of the future and the way in which it is represented, that this film, for all its dullard sensibilities and lewd language, is as thought provoking as any film about dystopias and the erosion of our societal standards.

Sep 07, 2017

A 20 minute sketch that just wouldn't end. The jokes were bland, and it really had nothing more to say other than "people are getting dumber". It wasn't clever in any of the ways they showed it, and it was so completely boring. It's a real shame since there are a lot of talented people involved in this project... and Dax Shepard. Maybe that should've been a red flag. He's a nice guy, but I'm not sure he's been in a good film.

Jul 05, 2017

What a stupid movie with lame jokes and stupid satire.

Marinetti Jan 12, 2017

Excellent satirical comedy that takes direct aim at contemporary society.

Aug 08, 2016

IDIOCRACY has become sort of a cult classic. Personally I found it funny. I think if you liked, say, OFFICE SPACE, you'll enjoy it.

METhompson Apr 27, 2016

I was pretty disappointed, I thought this was going to be funny. I expected language and other offensive stuff, and I don't care for that stuff-but they were advertising it that way so I knew it already. Wasn't really even very funny, though. The trailer was better-most of the funny stuff was there, and a lot of the crud was not. Plus it was shorter. Waste of my time.

Feb 28, 2016

Great documentary!

Jan 24, 2016

Explains the popularity of Trump. He must have 'electrolytes'.

God help us all.

Sep 29, 2015

Quite offensive. A lot of lower income stereotypes and a horrifyingly common usage of the words "retarded" and "faggot".

Sep 05, 2015

A sobering documentary about current times- apparently deepthunk is a member of the idiocracy.

Jun 27, 2015

very funny movie, but they have the whole theory of the cause of national stupidity backwards, its the stupid rich people who inherent their wealth even though they have low I.Q.'s then have 10 kids with 10 different women (like flava-flav) that are causing humanity to grow dumber.

johnnyg7 Apr 27, 2015

we are there

Feb 04, 2015

Great concept, poor execution.

ajbiggs1 Oct 21, 2014

One word...HILARIOUS!

AladarNyc Oct 19, 2014

The first 15 - 20 minutes were original and funny. However, it quickly lost it's edge, and grew tiresome. (NOT FOR THE UNDER 18 CROWD....yikes!).

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