An Aria for the End Times

Book - 2015
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Jan 10, 2018

Read 16 January 2016: Aria is a tracker. Of what? For whom?

The back cover blurb states that it “is an action-packed exploration of the extremes of humanity and our desire for a home in a world beyond repair.” I can’t argue, or improve, on that.

There is certainly more going on than that though. Both in the story and via the story. That is what gives this quick read—you can probably read it in somewhere around 30 minutes—its depth and boosts its intended message. Not a preachy book by any stretch; not trying to suggest it is. There are as many questions left open as there are answered; although, thankfully, the ones resolved are of more importance to the story, in both aspects of “in” and “via,” then the ones left open.


ArapahoeCatherine Sep 09, 2016

I loved the art and story concept! There was a great twist! Also, an almost Deadpool style internal monologue that argued with her commentary. And Jelly Beans is the greatest!!

LoganLib_Kirra Aug 31, 2016

I love the art and simple conversation in this graphic novel. It's a quick read as Aria and her cat Jelly Beans work towards completing his mission but I'd love if it was longer to explore more of the history of what happened before!

KateHillier Jan 21, 2016

Aria is alone on an Earth where the world has ended. Or rather it's her and her cat Jelly Beans. Sometimes she also narrates her life but it's just the two of them, some warring groups of humans, and her mission. Not an obviously rewarding one and her time there is not an easy one but she has one goal in mind: returning home.

It's a really odd world, so alike to our own and also not, and there's a lot of emptiness aside from one girl and her cat but that's really all the world we really need. It's interesting.

forbesrachel Dec 28, 2015

After the world ended, nature started to reclaim what it had lost, and the remnants of humanity were split into two clans. Even now, mankind can't get along. Aria lives in these circumstances, but apart, and with a mission. Her sole companion is her white cat Jelly Beans, and her own mind, which acts as both the narrator and the other "person" Aria talks too. This dual quality seems perfectly natural. both the "dialogue" and the sound effects, fill the silence at the end of the world with some much needed noise. Stylistically, Apocalyptigirl looks like an older version of Adventure Time, except for the colours, which are less cute-fairytale-world, and more dark-adventure. The contrast between Aria's inner conversation, and the outer conflict create a well-balanced mixture, and questions about our own nature.

Dec 12, 2015

All stars are given for the art. I like the colors and style. However as another person put the story aspect is boring. It's also unoriginal and delivered poorly. For instance the character talks to herself to provide you with all the back story of why she is there and what she is doing but she does so in the same dull matter of fact tone as you would give a history report. Really no development of characters and such a lame "this is what I'm here to do, bam it's done, the end" story line. I can't see how it got published other than the art is pretty decent.

Sep 15, 2015

Not particularly interesting art and an even less interesting story, Apocalyptigirl really doesn't bring a whole lot to the table except a little bit of opera and a cat with some violence. The back story and mystery are not very compelling and they are resolved rather unsatisfactorily.

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