Broken Blade

Broken Blade

The Complete Film Series

Blu-ray Disc - 2012
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In Cruzon, children are born with the ability to control quartz. This power allows them to levitate simple objects or control enormous and complex mobile battle suits called Golems. But when an ancient Golem is discovered during the height of a brutal war, a young king and his beautiful queen turn to Rygart Arrow. Though an 'un-sorcerer, ' Rygart can miraculously pilot this ancient and powerful weapon. But in war, school friends can turn into bitter enemies and allies have suspicious motives.
Publisher: [United States] : Sentai Filmworks, 2012
ISBN: 9781616151966
Branch Call Number: / BLURAY JAPANES 791.433 BROKEN 2DISCS
Characteristics: 2 videodiscs (300 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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X_andor_Who Apr 03, 2014

Broken Blade: (Japanese anime; full-series; episodes 1-6); Opening Song Theme (OST): An angelic songstress melancholically sings song of scripted sad words that accumulate in intensity as the song continues to climax; all the while during her seizing song, animated scenes capture terrain and key characters in static and dynamic picture poses. Ending Song Theme (EST): music overall is very vivid and songstress sings vibrantly and vividly while a small square backdrop image shows a slow change in cloudy sky from day to a progressing night dusk and then back to a breaking of dawn’s drawing day. I lividly liked the (OST) and (EST) of Broken Blade series anime. Later episode (EST) seemed to change the images in that square box. Animation: Fluid. Dark beautiful backdrops plotted the ambient environments that contrasted the white and light, opaque shaded hues of pastel pixel-painted people. Story Music: Mostly, mellow and mild having some classical music accompaniments via violins. Voice Acting: English dub felt to be too prim and too proper in opening episode to have had any feasible fluidity for me. But after the first episode, I wasn’t bothered at all by this. English Audio-Written Script: a myriad of words…not word shy…for sure. Nice usages and utilizations of alliteration. English script was excellently descriptive.Characters: Emotionally and intelligently relatable. Extra thoughts: The first episode bored me a bit, but after that and after I became more immersed into the pivotal plot, the experience became better. I liked the use of cross stories and mythologies. I liked how monocular devices had two different colors to differentiate Athens (red) from Krisna (blue). Might Rygart and Regatz represent a beginning for Rome as a nation…the equivalent to Romulus and Remus? In thus how Rome split off from its Greek heritage? And those foxes, appearing in the beginning, could represent akin, to two wolf pups that founded Rome? Could General Baldr be like benevolent Norse God, Balder? Secretary of War, Loquis = Loki? Tags: golems, geomancy, Gundams, quartz, levitation, rock manipulation, pilots, mobile battle suits, humungous mobile man suits, armor, magic, sorcery, fighting, countries, warring, warriors, bushido, destined one, chosen one, awakening, childhood friends, friends for life, anime, anime drama, government, sovereignty, militant, armies, soldiers, ancient technology, technological advancements, arcane, relationships, rapid word usage, banter barrage, hangar space, war machines, brutal battle bouts, friends turned enemies, strategically analysis, stratagem, strategy, tacticians, strategical advantage, technological advantage, synthetic speed, synthetic celerity, synthetic alacrity, generals, military moves, deep respect, greek mythologies, usage of mythologies to make more mythological stories, intelligent story, secrets, resources, invasion, resources running out, echelons, rank, squadrons, wielding weapons, sadness, death, fear, flanks, vanguard, rearguard, sacrifice, red headed heroes; Rating: 4.9/5.0; Xandor Who

Sep 09, 2013

The Japanese continue to examine the origins of war in light of their defeat in WWII. This time it is a science fiction version of the Peloponnesian Wars in Mecha style, set on another world. The background art for the sky is breathtakingly photorealistic. There are sufficient Mecha battle suits for merchandising, and just why are they fighting over badlands anyway?

Mar 06, 2013

I enjoyed this anime. I liked that with all wars the line between good and bad are blurred and there really never is a winner plus there was some great military strategy. Plus giant fighting robots are just plain cool.

aaa5756 Mar 06, 2013

It was O.K for a home TV movie. I was entertained and interesting. But it was NOT worth the long library wait or the price to rent from a Red Box. I fast forwarded a lot but not all the way.

lasertravis Oct 03, 2012

Decent entertainment value here. A fairly unique twist on the Mech concept. The story was decent. The animation was pretty good. The action was pretty good. Kept a pretty good pace. Not one of my favorite anime series, but I did enjoy it. Big mechs fighting to the death for their countries. The main character is pretty annoying.

Jul 02, 2012

i loved this anime. i wish they could have more series of broken blade. its great! its somewhat like code geas.


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X_andor_Who Apr 03, 2014

*Episode 1, references to Rygart’s piloted Golem*…Queen Sigyn: ”It’s as if it was quickly constructed for one final mission.”…Unknown Lady of True’s Squad: “It’s just like a shattered sword…kind of like a broken blade.”…Rygart: “They’re talking smack about you, aren’t they?” *Rygart seeps into nostalgia*…”Don’t worry about it…people said the same thing about me and my brother.”

X_andor_Who Apr 03, 2014

*Episode 3, Zess Squadron glasses dude, Elekt gives reference to Rygart’s Delphina golem*…Elekt “It’s like a rampart, running straight at us.”

X_andor_Who Apr 03, 2014

*Episode 4, I know it’s somewhat ribald, but at least he’s being his simply sincere self in his response to hers*…Rygart: “I don’t wanna die…no way I’m getting buried in a soldier’s grave”… Narvi: “How dare you call yourself a man of Krisna…Don’t you have any balls?!”...Rygart: “Wanna see ‘em?”…Narvi: “Y-You dumb bastard!”

aaa5756 Mar 06, 2013

“You go talk, your friends talk, my friends talk to me.” -Taylor Swift

aaa5756 Mar 05, 2013

“If it’s not one thing it’s another.” -Gilda Ratner, alias Rosanne Roseanna Danna


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X_andor_Who Apr 03, 2014

Episode 1: (Time of Awakening): I felt the opening episode started out slow and awkward. As an “un-sorcerer”, main character Rygart was born as one who cannot use magic. Most beings in this universe are indicated that they have sorcery in quartz magic manipulation. Childhood friends: Hodr, the current King of Krisna and Rygart, the “un-sorcerer”, now are involved in a war involving another former friend, “Straight-Laced Zess”, who now fights against Krisna. Episode 2: (The Path of Separation): Battle at Binonten, the capital city of Krisna. After Rygart defeats Lee, she has some raging words to say about Krisna’s savagery, then she calmly says some more words, then finally she commits hari-kari by firing a fusil’s bullet into her head. Cleo, she a pilot in Zess’s squadron, looks like a bumbling air-head, but apparently she is quite the accomplished golem pilot. It’s interesting that Hodr has an owl on his shoulder as an owl is associated with Wisdom. Hodr says he can’t fight destiny. Delphine, (the Mythological Greek equivalent to a prophetic sign), is Rygart’s golem’s name from now on. Episode 3: (Scars From An Assassin’s Blade): Delphine’s swift celerity can easily overtake slower moving golem-battle suits. Cleo, an Athens’ pilot, can sure push her piloting skills to the max as her hasted attacks about cleaned Rygart’s “clock”. Cleo fought, but she however was caught. General Baldr is one collectively calm, tactical leader. Episode 4: (The Land of Calamity): There are some “interesting” “interrogations” going on between Queen Sigyn and captive, twelve-year-old, soldier girl, Cleo. Sensual. Seemed like a weird Cleopatra and Mark Anthony story. In this episode, Rygart gets combat training. Girge, a wild card, reckless, wild arms, and wild weapons wielding, highly intelligent man, being a bit of a weapons master, joins Rygart’s ranks for some parts of this remaining waged war saga. I thought a smart, first person perspective device was employed, involving viewing audience members looking thru Sigyn’s blinking eye as it captured conversation with Rygart. Nice! Sigyn’s internal dialogue tells a tale that she has romantic interest in Rygart. General True was true to his word; he died on the battlefield as he once had said he was willing to do. Rygart’s Delphine sure is as super speedy as a tenacious torpedo. In some ways, General Borcuse reminded me of Norse God Odin and of a Zenpachi (Kenny) from the anime, “Bleach”. Girge seems to have hideously, super-strong, hero-like stats when fighting. Girge’s demeanor reminded me of Tales of the Abyss game’s main red headed character and of the nemesis, “the Bloody Asche”. Episode 5: (The Gap Between Life and Death): While in his golem, General Burcose speaks to an Iris …(Might Iris be found behind his black eyepatch?)…Iris, a goddess of rainbows and messenger to the gods. Girge seemed to have noble and honorable anti-hero qualities. Episode 6: (Fortress of Lamentation): A giant ninja star attached to a giant rubber band for a weapon? Sure, I can dig-it!


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