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Two Catholic missionaries face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan looking for their missing mentor, at a time when Catholicism was outlawed.


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lotuslori_8 Dec 29, 2017

An unimpressive film that seemed to drag on and on without any real drama for the main characters. The acting was unimpressive as well.

Dec 21, 2017

A subtle yet powerful meditation on the meaning of faith, love, and integrity in a stark struggle for freedom against totalitarianism. The denouement is a kind of inversion of Winston's "Do it to Julia!" moment in Orwell's "1984". Great casting, too.

Dec 19, 2017

Pretty brutal movie.

Oct 28, 2017

Excellent and moving film. I went into this not expecting much because I have seen so many mixed reviews, but the movie was thoughtful, empathetic, and illuminating.

Although only "based" on a true story, and not actually a true story... it makes you think what so many went through, we take for granted now.

The film is certainly a tad too long, but I felt engaged the entire time. I think if this had been advertised more to the industry, it would have earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and Best Actor.

A must see.

Oct 21, 2017

the subject matter was thought provoking and convicting indeed, but the movie was also exasperatingly LONG!!! i appreciated the courage of the priests and the villagers who were willing to die for their faith. the persecution was sometimes overwhelming but challenged my stance for my own faith journey. would i continue to believe in God even under such arduous circumstances and when my prayers don't seem to be heard? would i also still believe even though i knew that if discovered i would have to die (not quickly or easily either) for my faith? would i repeatedly renounce my beliefs like the one character just to save my life?

Oct 02, 2017

Very well-made movie. Very thoughtful. Based on a novel by a Japanese writer, I believe its main intention is to say something about Japanese history and culture, rather than focusing on Christianity.

Sep 16, 2017

Captivatingly boring ?????? sad , well acted

Sep 07, 2017

I write a few weeks after watching this great movie, and it still haunts me....the bravery of these men and women and the strength of their faith is striking.....but they were not able to overcome the tortuous, hopelessness-inducing, seeming inevitability of failure in the face of the impregnability of Japanese culture to Christianity....and this is explained well here on a secular is interesting to compare it to the Shin Godzilla movie, another explication of Japanese culture which is permeated with tradition, hierarchy, and subtle power relationships, all unchallenged and unchallengeable in both movies, and which have so far protected the culture from change and evolution.....

Sep 05, 2017

A good movie somewhat messed up by an ambiguous ending, IMO. Andrew Garfield begins his ascent into another territory of acting here - or has this been his talent level all along and I've just been corrupted by the Amazing Spider Man 2??

Franln Aug 26, 2017

I knew nothing of the Japanese Christians in the 1600s. Interesting story. Andrew Garfield is an amazing actor and the guy who played the Inquisitor was fantastic. Be sure to watch the bonus feature.

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May 12, 2017

There lays an interesting story about the Dimeov who ruled there. He had four concubines. Four.
They were all beautiful, but they. I'm sorry. Maybe this is not a story for a celibate priest.
-It's alright, please go on.
In that case, the Dimeov's concubines were all jealous. And they fought and fought without end, so the Dimeov Hirado drove them away from his castle. And peace came into his life again. Do you think this story has a lesson?
-Yes. That this was a very wise man.
I'm glad. That means you understand the Dimeov is like Japan. And these concubines are Spain,
Portugal, Holland, England. Each trying to gain advantage against the other and destroy the house
in the process. Since you said this man is wise, you will understand why we must outlaw the Christians.
-Well. Our Church teaches monogamy. One wife. What if Japan were to choose one lawful wife from the four?
You mean Portugal?
-No. I mean the Holy Church.

May 12, 2017

We have our own religion, Padre. Pity you did not notice it.
-No, no. We just think a different way.
True. You believe our Buddhas are only men. Just human beings.
-Even a Buddha dies. Like all men, he is not the creator.
You are ignorant! Padre, only a Christian would see Buddha simply as a man. Our Buddha is a being, which men can become. Something greater than himself. If he can overcome all his illusions. But you cling to your illusions and call them faith.
I'd like for you to think about the persistent love of an ugly woman. And how a barren woman should never be a wife.
What would you do for them? Pray? And get what in return? Only more suffering. A suffering only you can end, not God!
-Go away from from me.
I pray too, Rodriguez. It doesn't help. Go on. Pray. But pray with your eyes open.You can spare them. They call out for help, just as you call to God. He is silent and you do not have to be.

May 12, 2017

Surely, God heard their prayers as they died. But did he hear their screams? How can I explain his silence to these people, who have endured so much? I need all my strength to understand it myself.
Our religion does not take root in this country. Because the roots have been torn up.
-No. Because this country is a swamp. Nothing grows here.
I'm just a foreigner who brought disaster. That's what they think of me now. I dream of now Saint Francis. What happened to all the glorious possibility he found here? What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What will I do for Christ? I feel so tempted. I feel so tempted to despair. I'm afraid. The wait of your silence is terrible. I pray but I'm lost. Or am I just praying to nothing? Nothing. Because you're not there.
Lord, I fought against your silence....To this very day. Everything I do, everything I've done. Speaks of him. It was in the silence that I heard your voice.


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