The Weissensee saga

The Weissensee saga

Season 2

DVD - 2017 | German
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It is a sweeping family saga of conflicting loyalties, betrayal, love and hope, set in 1980s East Berlin. Uwe Kockisch Hans Kupfer, is a Stasi officer whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with the daughter of a dissident singer. Their love affair sets events into motion which affect both families over a turbulent decade. The Kupfers and the Hausmanns could hardly be more different.
Publisher: [United States] : MHZ Networks Home Entertainment, [2017]
Branch Call Number: DVD GERMAN 791.4572 WEISSEN SEASON2
Characteristics: video file,DVD video
3 videodiscs (295 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in


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Jul 12, 2017

I don't want to have a child in a world where you can't tell the truth.
Why do you want to go from East to West Germany?
-Well, about six years ago my girlfriend and I had contact... to a West German journalist and we told him lots of things. How they treated Julia's mother, the singer Dunja Hausmann.
That was you? I've read about it.
-Julia was arrested although she was pregnant and then sentenced. Article 100, traitorous espionage. The journalist allegedly belonged to the... Federal Intelligence Service. Anyway, since then I haven't seen her again. And about six months ago I got a letter from her. From Hamburg. She was ransomed.
And your child? Why did they reprieve you?
-I was lucky and I wasn't as courageous as she was.
It's no disgrace if one needs help... Only if one refuses to accept it.
We lead a normal marriage. With its ups and downs, no question. But I simply miss a certain devotion from my wife...

Jul 12, 2017

Friebe commented the last speech at the Kremlin. He thinks that Gorbachev is a savior. By the way, that's what Hobrecht and Landser think too.
-Arndt Hobrecht? The editor?
Hobrecht thinks the central committee is incapable and senile.
-I like that.
Because it doesn't recognize the chances of Glasnost.

I think comrade Hager has already said it right. Only because my neighbor renovates I don't start hanging new wallpaper too.
-I'd like to know what you're thinking! I hope you're thinking at all. Yes, Roemer.
I think that we must rethink our enemy image from the inside. Just like we did it outwardly through the process of detente. The dominance of socialism as a system is so obvious in my opinion... that we're able to deal with criticism if we want to make progress.
-Well done, Roemer! That's what I mean by making your own thoughts. Because it raises new questions instead of preventing them.

Jul 12, 2017

Let me tell you something based on my experiences... Everything you do or don't do because of
fear will come back to you some time... Just like a boomerang. Today we're living in times where you shouldn't be afraid.
What does the central committee do? They abolish the death penalty! That's a mistake, a huge mistake: Disarm while the enemy is getting big!

Martin, I've thought about it. I believe one also gets on without women. It already started off with my mother. The huge efforts one must make bear no relation to the joy one has.

You owe me something.
- Why? Because you were holding your protecting hand over me? Why didn't you hold it over Julia?
Over our child?
You know it was impossible. Call your mother. Only once. Ask her how she's doing. Tell her about you. This can't be too difficult.
-Alright, I'll do it. For 2,000 Deutsch Mark, West!
What are you talking about?
-I also meet her regularly. And for 500 extra, I'll even bring her flowers.

Jul 12, 2017

Why do you think I have so much West German money?
-All the bribe money when you stop the West German cars.
Sorry Martin, but that's not funny! I'm an honest soul, you know that! Besides, I've been told that it's not much you get out of it. What do you want to do with all the money? Just asking, in case I had it.

-Yes, I've dug over the strawberry patch and there I came across something hard. I thought to myself that's impossible. Gitta has just laid out the patch. And she doesn't accept anything hard in bed, I mean on the patch. She does in bed. Man, what a hottie, I can tell you. Never mind, it's over, Goerlitz. I found this box with a bunch of Deutsch Mark inside. So I thought this must be her aunt's West German money! She stashed away all her aunt's money without telling me anything. And she also didn't take anything with her. What does that tell you?

Jul 12, 2017

Nicole doesn't go to church. She thinks it's useless. When she was pregnant with Thomas she prayed a lot. Oh well... And your son, what's his name? Robert?
From what I've heard he got healthy without praying.
So the benefit-cost analysis doesn't look good. Or what do you think?
-You're some funny priest, you can't even convert your own friend.
It's much worse: Nicole is my sister. I can't even convert my own family.

If you don't want to lose your wife, you'll have to change things. And not in her but in yourself.
You know, it's not true what you've said. You're not different. When I look at you it's like on our first day. It's just that something's happened. Something difficult and maybe I can help you cope with it...

What did she look like?
-Small, wrinkled and red. She had closed her eyes... And her little fists were firm... She had a birthmark on her cheek.
Which one?
-The right one. And she screamed. As if outraged.

Jul 12, 2017

These students trusted me and it's intolerable how this trust was abused! These are no 'subversive elements'. They are the most creative brains of this college. They stand behind this country! They want to improve it, not only administer it!
- Tell me, are you really so naive, father?
I'm not naive. I want the best possible people to work for us! We've got enough dinosaurs.
Hans. I've been through a lot with you, I also endured a lot. I fought with you for this family. I understand your doubts and I understand your worries too. And yes, we can always talk about it. But if you want to risk everything now, then you'll have to do it alone. I won't go through this together with you. No matter how much I love you. … This house and this family is my life. Do you understand? This is my life! And if you'll destroy this, I will save what is to be saved.

Jul 12, 2017

Falk's no idiot. He wasn't always like this, and deep inside he's different.
-Yes, deep inside they're all brilliant...

Do you think I'm singing this shxt for fun, the stuff I can only handle with alcohol? I’ve done it for you, my love! For you! So that you'd have fairly good conditions in prison!
-I didn't know that.
No. You didn't know that. How would you?! As everything's always turning around you.
Around you and your little happiness!
Miss Hausmann... even if it won't change or make up for anything... I'd like to tell you that I'm sorry for what you had to go through... and I couldn't help you. And I really respect your courage.
-I'm not courageous.
You are. You have the courage to love. That's more than I can say about myself.
I want to see you again.
-You're a priest, I'm married.
It could be easier.

Jul 12, 2017

I couldn't endure losing you again. We'll stay together until we're old and die.
-That's what you'll have to endure. Will you manage?

I've got a husband and a child at home. Great husband.
-Even when you talk about him, I can smell your fear. And let me tell you something.
I've got a family too.
Come on, a bird never flew on one wing.
That's pretty arrogant. You all believe you know the one and only truth.
-Vera, they all have skeletons in the closet back there. The only question is whether you'll tell anyone.
I can't do this.
-What can't you do?
Be like you!
Ever since I was little you've been telling me how important the family is... And that we must all stick together.
-Your uncle Martin has excluded himself.

Jul 12, 2017

A forbidden song was sung:
Someone's written on the wall,
the letters bright and blue...
No rain, no sun,
no wind in Weissensee.
It says: what will save the world?
Not the talking, nor the silence,
not the listening, nor the seeing.
Not Confucianism, narcissism,
Sleep, my little Julia, sleep now.
It says on the hoarding, softened by
the rain, torn by the wind, ism, ism...
But what will save the world?
No raving, no quake, no light,
no water, no shade.
In the shade there's a man, a woman:
What will save the world?
Who locks up the people,
who locks them up?
Only the old men who are scared.
Scared of life.
Scared of death.
Scared of their fear.
Scared of our courage.
Where are the men,
the true men?
Where is the strength, the pride,
the feeling?
The harsh hearts,
the strong sayings...
Where have the men gone?

Jul 12, 2017

Julia had a dream. The dream of a party at which all people would sit together at a table. They'd love and respect each other. In peace. We promised each other. We both believed in it. She, even more than I. Someone once said that she had the courage to love. And that's right; her love was like the air around us. Everywhere.
What's there to understand? The fact that you don't know what you want? The fact that I gave my all for you, for nothing? Or do you still don't understand? Namely where you belong.

We can't go any further. But you're a priest. Can't you walk on water?
-I believe you're mistaken.
Pity. I thought I'd experience a miracle.
-I am experiencing one.
-Because you're here.
It's the logical consequence of your rejection... my cowardice and the shxt system in which we're living here. That's what's terrible.

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Jul 12, 2017

The saga continued about 6 years after season one. A lot had changed in the households of the singer Hausmann and Stasi officer Hans Kupfer. So, it began about 1986 - 1987, after the Chernobyl meltdown and as the wind of change blew across Germany, highlighted by Ronald Reagan's speech in West Berlin on June 12, 1987 and Gorbachev's Glasnost Speech to the U.N. on December 7, 1988 that ultimately led to the unification of East and West on 3 October 1990. Season two ended sometime in 1987 and subsequent changes (Season 3?) came too late for the love between Julia and Martin. However, Falk's wife Vera seemed to find true love with an activist Nichole's brother Wolff who was also a local preacher! Enough drama and history to keep me binge watching though have to read the so-so English subtitles.


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