To be perfectly honest with you here - I found WALL- E to be one of the most frightening little stories that I've seen in a mighty long time.

What bothered me the most about WALL- E 's story was how I found that it made light of what I consider to be a very-very serious situation that is facing mankind on this very planet right now - And that problem is how man deals with his ever-growing headache of garbage that he continually creates.

(*Spoiler Alert!*) - One of the most horrifying scenes in WALL- E was when the "search-craft" was leaving Earth's atmosphere (with Wall - E attached to it) and this rocket had to literally crash right through tons and tons of litter that was surrounding this planet.

Now, of course, this scene was an obvious exaggeration, but, believe me, folks, tons of garbage really is out there right now orbiting around this old planet of ours.

And, I guess (when it comes to this particular scene that I've just described) it all comes down to that well-known saying which goes like this - "Out of sight - Out of mind."

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