Real rating: about 3.25 stars

The writing was probably my favorite aspect of this book. I could almost perfectly visualize Prague and all of the other mystical settings throughout. The world building and the mythology that came along with it were also very creative. The characters and creatures were very well designed, and, like the settings, I liked to visualize them in all of their quirkiness (Karou especially). That being said, many of the characters, though beautiful to envision, fell a little flat in some areas. Most of the Chimaera and Seraphim were rather bland in terms of personality, seeming to exist only as plot devices. I also thought that all of the scenes involving Madrigal dragged on WAY too long. There was a little too much skipping around, and most of it could have been shortened and summed up in a little bit less detail.
Overall, though, “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” was a pretty decent read. It didn’t quite live up to my expectations in some areas, but I liked the originality of it. I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll finish the trilogy.

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