Business Model You
Business Model You A One-page Method for Reinventing your Career By Clark, Tim Book - 2012

Another imaginative addition to the Career Change literature. This book was co-created by 328 contributors from 43 countries and featuring 36 detailed case studies, aptly demonstrating that the urge or need to change careers is a global theme. The premise is that just as companies have to adapt their business model to changing circumstances (Blockbuster/Netflix), so too do individuals. The book revisits the idea of a business model and tweaks the various parts allowing you to create a personal business model canvas. This serves as a framework to describe, analyze and reinvent your career. Like many career oriented books, there is considerable emphasis on discovering who you are and whether you are, in fact, on career autopilot: is work for you a job, a career, a calling or a means to fulfillment? This is a visually appealing book with many useful exercises such as the creation of a Lifeline - a timeline where you plot good and bad milestones in your life thus illustrating the highs and lows, and prompting you to explore why certain activities resonate positively for you.

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