I'll try not to give too much away, for those of you yet to see it! Indeed, I'll stop using actual names, further along.

__ Katniss volunteers for the games, to spare her 10 year old younger sister. She and her neighborhood baker's son, Peeta, find themselves whisked from semi-rural poverty, onto a 200 mph train, flashily attired with crystal chandeliers, flashy food, a garishly garnered gathering of a made up white faced, dress and jacket [yellow and pink?! I couldn't look! :-{ ], constantly ranting woman (Effie Trinket) "Aren't you so lucky to be on this train, such a smooth ride, all this flash food and furnishings! (Never mind you're off to your probable deaths!) May the odds always be in your favor"! Haymitch arrived, drunk and didn't dispense advice. He was able, however, to prevent an attack from Peeta, with a well placed foot onto his chest. Latter, a very concerned Katniss missed stabbing his hand by 2cm. Effie: "THAT'S MAHOGANY"!! Haymitch admonishers Katniss - she needs to win friends - for influence and sponsorship. They arrive, meet other contestants. Haymitch stays off the booze, briefs and gives them advice.

__ For instances:
_ One district has academy that trains fighters, who then volunteer for the Hunger Games.
_ Contestants jumping the start gun get killed by the organizers.
_ Keep away from the goodies pile at the start - turns into blood bath.
_ Go uphill and find water supply.

__THE GAMES START__. (I will stop using names). A brawl at the pile. Contestant 4 goes and grabs bag that had left the pile. Then gets bowled by another contestant, who changes her mind and they back apart, run off. Contestant 4 makes for the boundary. At 1.5km, the controllers set off a forest fire, with fire balls, to chase Contestant 4 back, leaving her with large burn to leg. Brief scene: Haymitch talks to wealthy couple. Contestant 4 receives paragliding robot, carrying curing balm. Contestant 4 sees Peeta has joined the Academy force, who go around killing other contestants, 5 on 1. They corner Contestant 4 up a tree and wait her out. Contestant 7 points out GE Wasp (hallucinogenic and possibly deadly sting) nest to 4. Who got it to fall on Academy, who run away. Contestant 4 then wanders, hallucinating from the Stings Contestant 4 received. Contestants 4 and 7 launch plan to get goodies from academy but C7 killed. Her district riots and rebels! Academy have surrounded goodies pile with mines. Contestant 4 knocks over goodies setting off the mines and wreaking many of the goodies. In Control Room, Chief Games Controller has another organize attack dogs to go after Contestant 4 - who does so with an Excessively Sadistic Delight! President Rose tells Chief Controller only one contestant is to survive - no sympathy or playing to public's appeal for underdogs - of whom there are far too many. (Haymitch had pitched letting two survive, as underdogs, to Chief Controller). I very much like President Rose and intend to start a committee for his re-election!! Back at the games, Mr Academy has a cry, tells other survivors he has nothing to loose because only knows how to kill! I'll end my summary here.

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