Falling Skies
Falling Skies The Complete First Season DVD - 2012

If Hallmark Films were to produce a "Aliens Invade Earth & Humanity Fights Back" TV show, it would be Falling Skies -- just enough elements to feel like a sci-fi/action piece, but always operating from a comfy couch with a glass of milk & plate of cookies within arms reach .... ahhhh, isn't that nice?

Although released in 2011 Falling Skies feels mid-1980s. Watch the original Red Dawn (1984) .... which is pretty much the same premise .... invaders, the populace fights back, and kids Kids KIDS! Yep, same show .... just less Patrick Swayze and WOLVERINES! The good news is Noah Wyle isn't asking for spare change on a street corner.

If you want a sci-fi/action piece taking place after civilization falls where kids & adults fight for humanity's survival, try watching The 100 (2014) instead. However if you like sci-fi/action and vampires that sparkle, Falling Skies is probably for you.

TNT's logo "We know *drama*" ought to tell you everything you need to know.

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