Falling Skies
Falling Skies The Complete First Season DVD - 2012

. Ep3 "Prisoner of War". Tom captures a skitter. Dale brings over Dr Harris, a surgeon, to study it. They link bursts of static, noted by boy on radio frequency monitor, to stimuli response, from captured skitter, when presented with dead skitter body, zapped with shock stick. Harris uses ox acetylene torch to cut harness bolts, which would have heated up inside victims body & caused extensive injury! However, this very obvious result didn't happen! Harris experimentation has shown some of the way - victim survives but not totally free & not totally convinced!

. Ep4 "Grace". Pope's critique of the improperly cooked daily gruel has him appointed chef - albeit under guard. However he doesn't take opportunity to give 2nd Mass a severe dose of dysentery. Pope leads team to motorbike shop. On the way they see one of their children, with others & working for Aliens. The children have been "Harnessed", a pack that bolts into their backs & gives Aliens control over them. Pope K O his guard & bolts on a bike. Team locates children, who are collecting scrap metal for Aliens & sneaks in to save child. All disrupted when dad, on team, sees own son & grabs him, despite cries from rest of team not to make a scene, a mass of mini gun bullets from robot & the presence of harnessed but not fully Alien controlled children. Dad caries son & self onto escape truck with & they are driven off. Team Lad, left behind, gets to see robot gun down 6 harnessed children, then allowed to escape. Tom: Nazi German forces would gun down prisoners, let one escape as witness.

. DVD 2. Ep5 "Silent Kill". POW skitter entices Dr Harris to cage hatch & kills him. No one else was in room - thus leaving one of their main experts alone & exposed. Lad gets details of harnessed life from un-harnessed victim, suggests to Weaver disguise as harnessed child to get in, kill the guarding skitter by knife, save disturbing the peace & get away without fuss. The Harnessed children sleep in groups, with a Skitter on top to watch over them. It fails to see Lad's harness isn't properly plugged in & Lad knifes it to death in the middle of the night. Team is able to carry away (8?) children, despite their radio enabled harnessing. 2nd Mass regular Dr cuts the bolts, again without apparent attempts to prevent heat damaging the patients. Some survive... .

. Ep6 Sanctuary Part 1. Lt Clayton of the 7th Mass arrives, tells them 7th wiped, Aliens coming for them, suggests kids join him in sanctuary. We viewers learn Clayton's group has deal with Aliens, has imprisoned Pope, who told him of 2nd Mass.

. Ep7 Sanctuary Part 2. An accompanying dad comments all the guards on house, none at perimeter or on "Sky". Tom & go to check on children - find no one at map point. Meanwhile, dad accompanying Children group finds out Alien deal & they flee - dad staying back to stop the pursuers. Who catch them later, at house, where Tom, Pope (enraged by Clayton deal with Aliens) & Weaver attempt to save them. They don't kill off Clayton's crowd - despite the Alien deal. Instead let them go, doubtless to show up in some future episodes - doing it all again... . X-harnessed lad (Rick) denounces humans for killing each other - baffles another x-harnessed lad (Ben) by telling him a skitter "would NEVER KILL ANOTHER"!

. Ep8 Mutiny. Weaver taking pills, to sleep & wake up. He has Tom arrested. They resolve on a temporary split, Weaver group to assault Alien Mega structure. Rest stay at base. Dr dissects skitter & finds a harness. Aliens call up Rick to rendezvous... .

. Ep9 Aliens ditch Rick, who tells Tom he told them everything. Word to Weaver group, who vote to go on. Other groups don't arrive. Base attacked as Tom group withdraw. Aliens invite Tom to join them for a chat, pointing out they can control his son.

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