This book touches on a harder topic: anorexia.

I read lots of mixed reviews about this book. Lots of people said they didn't like it, it wasn't an accurate interpretation of an eating disorder, it is triggering, the author lied and made it up... etc.

I will review it for was it is: a work of literature, whether fiction or an actual memoir.

The girl in this story starts out perfectly healthy. She is an athlete and eats properly, and her life is normal. The only thing she is dealing with is her new crush on her best friend's brother and her parents impending divorce.

Soon into the book, she starts picking up on her best friend's strange eating habits. Determined to maintain control in her life, she starts joining her friend in unhealthy eating habits.

The book, modeled after a diary, can be hard to read sometimes. It hit pretty close to home, and I would NOT recommend it to anyone who is personally affected by an eating disorder. I have been living pretty healthily since high school, but the imagery and manic thoughts portrayed in the diary are definitely triggering, and not healthy for anyone who struggles with self image to read.

KC Rating: 4/5

With the warnings I have given, the book is not a bad one. It is just sad, depressing, and ultimately unhealthy. I recommend anyone with serious questions or concerns to read a NON-fiction book or to consult a doctor or councilor. The book is pretty heartbreaking, and in the final pages I received the kind of chills down my spine that I don't think I will ever be able to un-feel.

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