Redefining Realness
Redefining Realness My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More By Mock, Janet Book - 2014

It must have been tricky for Janet Mock, a modern-day trans trailblazer, to write a memoir while also providing a message of hope and addressing larger systemic injustices. I understand the need she may have felt to do it all, but my favourite parts were less didactic: the vivid descriptions of her early family life and later adolescence growing up poor and mixed race in Hawaii, hustling on the streets of downtown Honolulu to make money for surgery, her evolving sense of self and acceptance starting over in New York. There are fabulous words and phrases like swishiness, looking fish, getting clocked, pooching a ride, and living stealth. While this book provides a good sense of one person’s experience not feeling like she fit in her body, there are apt quotations and statements about identity that will resonate for everyone.

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