All the Presidents' Bankers
All the Presidents' Bankers The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power By Prins, Nomi Book - 2014

[With this outstanding book together with Ms. Prins' other books, It Takes a Pillage and OPM, clearly establishes her as the Devil's Historian!] To understand the relationships between politicians and the bankers of Wall Street, one needs to read this book for a most realistic grounding. Nothing escapes this author's notice in recounting the financial history of recent events. Ms. Prins most concisely explains, in the most pithy manner possible, those events leading up to the economic meltdown, the cluelessness, or disingenuousness of Fed Chairman Bernanke just preceding it, and the logical timeline leading to it historically. To understand that the banks primarily created [along with investment houses and hedge funds] the credit derivatives which they profited from, then lent the money to various financial services firms and hedge funds to purchase these derivatives, then took over said investment houses - - or business - - after they exploded - - such as Chase taking over Bear Stearns - - you begin to understand the Big Picture of Corruption! [The Publishers Weekly review was both a cheap and vulgar shot, and most disreputable given the scholarship behind this book, but perhaps the critic hasn't read a Bloomberg or Financial Times article in the last eight years? To refute this critic, just read the passage on NAFTA, and the Mexican banking system, and then you'll understand why the Mexican government recently attempted to extradite Ernesto Zedilla from the US; Ms. Prins simply provides us with the historical information with no conjecture on her part!]

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