T, you could be one hell of a player. But your problem and everyone else in this room's problem is you don't give a damn about rules.
-Can I talk to you for... I'm comfortable talking right here. Some of these kids don't
have birth certificates.
-Everybody's got a birth certificate.
-Not where we come from.
It is the job of Tahime and every, every person playing the game, black or white, to beat them at their own game. Their own rules. We didn't do that... We can't change the rules, Tahime. We have to learn to win within them. That's what this is about.
-But isn't creating a champion what this is all about?
It's about learning how to play the game. It's about changing minds. And, in turn, learning about life. The championship isn't the end game. The championship is a byproduct.

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