I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning. It was not a scary ghost story, and not only had one mystery. The living and death characters had secrets. I had the feeling that they were trapped. The ghosts stuck in an abusive relationship, Caroline trapped with the addiction, Mina abused as a child and Trenton surrounded by a dysfunctional family and with suicidal thoughts. I was looking forward to pick the book up at lunch time and before bed time.
I liked the author style; she gave us short sentences with deeper meaning. (P.281 Alice says:”They are digging. Under the willow tree. Everything comes to an end.”)
(p.289) Sandra told Alice: “You need to let go, Alice. That’s the whole trick. Let go of everything.”
I was also intrigued with Alice. She seemed a very strong woman.
I don’t know if these lines on page 107 answered the question about how Alice died.
Alice was speaking“… I remember my mother’s hands wrapped thickly around my neck, and the light of the bathroom, bright as a halo.”
Did Alice’s mother kill her?
I like the ending of the book. Alice saying: “thank you” to Trenton and the big fire of the house.

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