Oh, me!... Oh, my!... Satyricon is, without question, one of those utterly grotesque and highly subjective films that I think rightly warrants psychoanalysis. It really does.

Satyricon is something of a glutton's insatiable romp down "Depravity Lane". And, believe me, it's not a pleasant stroll (unless, of course, you happen to be a totally depraved glutton for punishment).

Set in Imperial Rome during that mighty reign of Nero (in 60 AD), Satyricon is a literal madhouse of non-stop "WTF?" moments that will either deliver great pleasure or else sicken you with its outright repulsiveness.

Filled to overflowing with ghastly-looking characters, homosexual overtones, torture and cruelty, Satyricon certainly didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination.

Filmed in 1969, Satyricon was directed (with an obvious cynical glee) by Federico Fellini.

Personally, I found this film's twisted story of ancient times to be quite an ugly movie-experience that, regardless of its truly weird and bizarre nature, wore out its welcome (and its novelty) within its first 30 minutes.

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