4.5 Stars
This is the companion book to How to Babysit Grandpa which I liked slightly better. Perhaps because little boys are dear to my heart and I didn't feel the little girl's personality come through as well as the little boy's in the first book. Grandpa was also more expressive than Grandma.

In this book, Mom and Dad are leaving over night and the little girl is coming for a sleepover. She believes she is babysitting Grandma. She talks about the best ways to babysit Grandma including lining up all of her shoes to play shoe shop and playing shadow puppets before going to sleep.

I love how Grandma goes along with everything no matter how silly, like dressing up as pop stars to sing and playing with her food.

This book is cute. The illustrations are slightly cleaner and brighter than the first book. It is from the child's perspective. Of course she isn't being babysat by Grandma. It's the other way around. The two gals have great fun together.

This book is advertized for grades k-2 which is perfect. What a wonderful gift this would make for a Grandma in your life.

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