Ten Pigs
Ten Pigs An Epic Bath Adventure By Anderson, Derek Picture Book - 2015

SUMMARY: Pig number one wants to sit back and relax with his rubber duckie in his bathtub full of bubbles. But along come nine more pigs. "Now there's nowhere left to sit!" What will pig number one do?

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations were created in ink and digitally. They were colorful, creative and laugh out loud funny. Anderson knows how to take a simple illustration and make it look complex through use of facial expression and movement.

REVIEW: I absolutely loved this book that counts up to ten pigs as they interrupt Pig One's bath and then counts back down again as the pigs leave. Each pig that joins the scene is quirky and creative such as the tuba playing pig and pirate pig. And I always say, every picture book needs at least one pirate! The ending is very clever, but I won't give it away. Let's just say, Pig One gets a little of his own back!

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Advertised for ages 3-5, however ages 6-7 who are learning to read will also love to read this book for themselves.

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