ApocalyptiGirl An Aria for the End Times By Maclean, Andrew Book - 2015

After the world ended, nature started to reclaim what it had lost, and the remnants of humanity were split into two clans. Even now, mankind can't get along. Aria lives in these circumstances, but apart, and with a mission. Her sole companion is her white cat Jelly Beans, and her own mind, which acts as both the narrator and the other "person" Aria talks too. This dual quality seems perfectly natural. both the "dialogue" and the sound effects, fill the silence at the end of the world with some much needed noise. Stylistically, Apocalyptigirl looks like an older version of Adventure Time, except for the colours, which are less cute-fairytale-world, and more dark-adventure. The contrast between Aria's inner conversation, and the outer conflict create a well-balanced mixture, and questions about our own nature.

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