At first glance, I saw it misleading that this title was marketed as a “Thriller” as I rarely noticed myself feeling the intense sensations of suspense that a Thriller typically produces. Yet, later, I lay awake amid COVID-19 Social Distancing in tingling fear response to the tiniest of suspicious noises!

It was well-done in the technical sense, both well-acted (It’s difficult for me to hate something Ellen Page has performed in) and visually attractive. The high-impact scenes were... well,..impactful…when they happened and prompted the wonder, “If the trauma of an apocalypse really happened how would people behave?”

I chop the ending up either to allegory or isolation insanity depending on my mood. I fully admit, I was quite irritated with the story in those final moments. The plot did not lead us anywhere. But, perhaps such events would not lead us anywhere but to a new beginning we must set out for???

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