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The Spider Network The Wild Story of A Math Genius, A Gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History By Enrich, David Book - 2017

"Paranoid populists who say global corporations and international capitalists are conspiring against us are deluded, possibly hallucinating." - Robert Reich (The Future of Success, 2003) - - academic, Wall Street minion, poseur who claims to be a progressive
I am very uncomfortable with this book as the author personalizes so much - - I much prefer Erin Arvedlund's book on this subject [the rigging of LIBOR], Open Secret, written quite awhile back and in a far more neutral, journalistic manner - - perhaps not as interesting, but far more reliable.
This author, David Enrich, gives the standard, and highly incorrect, definition for credit default swaps [CDSes], which should freak out any discerning reader. By comparison, should one read the paper, Criminal Capital by Stephen Platt, he gives the proper definition of the CDS, stating that some banks " . . . structured and sold CDOs for the express purpose of buying CDSs to bet against them . . " - - fully cognizant that the CDOs would fail and they'd reap a fortune. Furthermore, Mr. Platt elaborates, "Banks were actually creating and selling securities so that they could profit by betting that they were worthless." Mr. Platt fully explains that " . . . speculators (including banks) with no interest in the underlying loans began to buy CDSs as a means of betting on whether those loans would be repaid."
[In other words, a sure thing global betting pool of guaranteed payouts - - a swindle of epic proportion!]
To explain the LIBOR rigging: Limited financial types with the King County gov't [Washington state, USA] were sold an interest-rate swap while the investment firm utilized the rigged LIBOR rates to hornswoggle those King County employees and large sums were lost by them - - which they made up for by jacking up bus fares on their Metro system - - which, of course, they never explained to the public! Had the King County guys been more astute they would have purchased a second, counter-balancing interest-rate swap from a different investment firm or bank - - but they were lacking and the bus-riding citizenry paid the price! By contrast, the high-end auto company, Porsche, made more money during at least one year on interest-rate swaps than they did selling Porches!
Where the author shines is towards the end of the book when he explains that LIBOR rigging was the work of an international cartel of banks, with UBS and through their law firm, Gibson Dunn, essentially running the investigation for the CFTC and DoJ!
O . . . . . M . . . . . G!
In other words, the crooks were in charge of the prosecution! [Thanks to Gibson Dunn the vast amount of important evidence was excluded! ! !]
LIBOR rigging occurred because it was not regulated in the U.K., just as those CDS swindles occurred because they were not regulated in the USA. You understand this from reading Mr. Platt's paper [Criminal Capital]; I'm not sure you'll understand this from reading Enrich's book, which is why I recommend Open Secret by Erin Arvedlund and Platt's paper - - although do read this if you can, just be sure to include supplemental reading.
Criminal Capital paper:;%20How%20the%20Finance%20Industry%20Facilitate%20Crime%20(2015).pdf

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